Beautiful Canvas #2, Black Mask Studios

(Courtesy of Black Mask Studios)

Beautiful Canvas #2 (Black Mask Studios) continues to pump blood and bullets into its action-packed crime thriller. In the blood-soaked second issue, writer Ryan Lindsay (Negative Space) and artist Sami Kivela (Chum) steer their hard-bitten assassin deep into a complex and interesting moral crisis.   

As we previously mentioned, Beautiful Canvas follows Lon Eisley, a hit-woman hired to kill a small child. Alex. At the same time, Lon gets her latest orders after discovering her girlfriend pregnant. In a bold declaration of uncertainty, she saves the boy and hits the road. Her boss clearly wants the boy dead for a reason and will stop at nothing. This warped crime dystopia dives into the emotional dichotomy of creator/destroyer as Lon attempts to connect the two very different worlds she now inhabits.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy Beautiful Canvas #2:

5) Asia Benchley!

Writer Ryan Lindsay imagines the protagonist locked in a close-knit relationship with a telepath. Introduced in the opening pages, Asia Benchley establishes how she enter someone’s mind. The dialogue is quite honest and tender when Lon has a conversation with Asia through their mental link.

4) The Vivid Artwork!

Artist Sami Kivela captures these surreal moments in his trippy illustrations.  Alex swims through murky waters as he runs away from a giant dragon. In his drug-induced state, Argento attempts to find out where Lon is heading to next.

3) The Best Action Set Piece!

Lindsay and Kivela combine their storytelling to tell a spectacular action sequence three times. Fighting off a wrath of armed henchmen, readers follow the action from Lon, Alex, and Asia all in one splash page. In one high angle shot, we see what happens to everyone in the entire room.

2) The Suit!

Lon is given a high-powered armored suit when she jumps into action. I love the design of the outfit because the amor looks something out of Pacific Rim and Valerian.

1) A Great Follow-Up!

With a kickass female anti-hero as their lead, writer Ryan Lindsay and artist Sami Kivela deliver a memorable follow-up issue. With its action-packed story and eye-catching drawings, Beautiful Canvas #2 has a winning blend of character drama and dark humor.

Beautiful Canvas #2 arrives in stores July 26.



Three out of four emojis

– By Jorge Solis