‘Black Lightning’ Recap: Episode 7 “Equinox: The Book of Fate”

Black Lightning Episode 7, CW

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With a shocking twist, the CW Network continues the high-stakes momentum of their newest superhero drama Black Lightning, starring Cress Williams, with Episode 7: Equinox: The Book of Fate. After being away in exile, Black Lightning has to face the secrets of his past in order to protect his city and his family.

A hooded figure beaks into the club and starts shooting at Joey Toledo (Eric Mendenhall). After Toldeo gets shot and starts bleeding, Peter Gambi (James Remar) removes the mask and reveals his identity. Realizing the irony, Toldeo recognizes Gambi and bursts out laughing before dying.

Just hours ago, Gambi was having a conversation with mob queen, Lady Eve  (Jill Scott). Tobias Whale (Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III) has been going around her back and slowly taking over her reign. With Toledo’s death, Gambi is trying to ignite a gang war between Lady Eve and Tobias.

While Tobias discovers Lady Eve is coming after him, Jefferson Pierce (Williams) and Lynn (Christine Adams) try to learn more about her botched kidnapping. At that moment, Lynn realizes the kidnapping came about because of Lynn’s secret notes. Inspector Henderson (Damon Gupton) has been on Anissa’s trail because of the destruction of the Confederate statue.

At home, Jennifer (China Anne McClain) is starting to notice the tension between Anissa (Nafessa Williams) and her father. Jefferson is mad that Anissa has been holding onto his father’s secret notes. Anissa didn’t even bother telling her mother that she was carrying something dangerous.

Elsewhere, Anissa discovers the newspaper editor connected to her grandfather’s notes has died. She truly wants to help and Lynn (Christine Adams) is slowly understanding her reasons. Even though Jefferson refuses to help, Gambi offers his assistance by building a special costume just for Anissa.  

At her luxurious funeral home, Lady Eve find herself surrounded by Tobias’ squad of hit-men. After retaliating and taking two of them down, Lady Eve is shot in the back. She is then electrocuted to death by the surviving hit-man.

At the opening of Whale’s jazz club, Black Lightning finally has his confrontation with Tobias and manages to hurt him. Unfortunately, Tobias’ sisters gets in the way of the gunfire. Black Lightning helplessly watches her die as Tobias makes his escape.

Inspector Henderson then makes a threatening call to Black Lightning, saying to him, “You’ve gone too far.” Henderson is looking at the charred remains of Lady Eve, thinking Black Lightning committed murder. This is all part of Tobias’ plan to bring down Black Lightning and ruin his reputation.

Elsewhere, after being strangled by Tobias, Lala (William Catlett) suddenly wakes up from the dead. A ghost herself, Lawanda (Tracey Bonner) appears to be in possession of him.

Black Lightning continues Tuesdays at 9pm on The CW.

By Jorge Solis