‘Blindspot’ Season 3 Recap: Episode 14 “Everlasting”

Blindspot Season 3 Episode 14, NBC

(Courtesy of David Giesbrecht/NBC)

After a disastrous event, a major character shockingly ends up in intensive care as NBC continues the action and drama of Blindspot Season 3 with Episode 14: Everlasting. Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) and Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) are back together solving the cases behind the mystery tattoos.

Patterson (Ashley Johnson) hasn’t been able to get enough sleep due to her noisy neighbor. At the elevator, she gets asked out for coffee by Jack, but Tasha (Audrey Esparza) makes the moment awkward. They both get the news that Reade (Rob Brown) has proposed to Megan and he asks Tasha to be his best man.

Jane and Kurt aren’t really happy with Nas’ information about Avery’s father. The tattoos connect to three dead soldiers who may have had their autopsy reports falsified. An explosion suddenly occurs in the lab, which takes out Patterson.

As if she’s caught in Groundhog Day, Patterson meets Jack in the elevator and brushes him off. Patterson quotes Tasha and beats Reade to the engagement news. She notices something odd with the numbering. In the bathroom, Patterson is sure her mind is playing tricks on her.

Blindspot Season 3 Episode 14, NBC
BLINDSPOT — “Everlasting” Episode 314 — Pictured: Ashley Johnson as Patterson — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

After the Army officials have taken over her evidence, the explosion still occurs in the lab, in reality, Patterson is being rushed into the hospital. In her dream, Patterson is still repeating her bad day over and over again.

Patterson is talking to David (Joe Dinicol) in the elevator. David explains to her that this is her cosmic chance to fix something wrong. Patterson breaks the loop and yells out Tasha is in love with Reade. Stewart (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) is back from the dead in her dreams and apologizes to him.

To prevent the lab experiment, Patterson and the rest of the team attempt to interrogate the General. Jane even asks questions to the lab assistant as Kurt takes down Jack. The explosion still takes place in the lab and Patterson is stuck in her bad day.

The loop continues as Roman (Luke Mitchell) is naked in the elevator with Patterson. The two almost end up kissing as the team surrounds Patterson’s hospital bed. They assume the explosion was just an accident. Patterson races agains the clock to find the missing clue before the lab explodes as Borden (Ukweli Roach) shows up.

While Patterson is under the knife, Borden has a therapy session with her former boyfriends. Patterson recreates the Breakfast Club with the rest of her teammates. She realizes the numbers are actually letters to the General’s name but she hasn’t broken the loop yet.

The dead tell her there is more to life than work; forgive herself. She refuses to die and fights the General to save herself from death. Waking up from her near-death experience, Patterson names the General and gets him arrested.

Blindspot Season 3 Episode 14, NBC
BLINDSPOT — “Everlasting” Episode 314 — Pictured: (l-r) Joe Dinicol as David, Ashley Johnson as Patterson — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)

Two days later, Patterson gives them advice to Tasha, Jane, and Kurt; no more half-truths. Elsewhere, Borden is still alive and conducting illegal operations.

Blindspot continues Fridays at 8m on NBC.

By Jorge Solis

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