‘Blindspot’ Season 3 Sneak Peek: 5 Reasons We’re Excited For “Hot Burning Flames!”

Blindspot Season 3, Sneak Peek, NBC

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With Blindspot Season 3 back from break, Villain Media has an exclusive sneak speak at the action-packed episode, Hot Burning Flames, airing on NBC. Continuing from the mid-season finale, are Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) and Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) ready to face each other after that shocking revelation?

As we previously mentioned, the third season of Blindspot follows Jane Doe (Alexander), who has been mysteriously covered with bioluminescent tattoos. Jane’s only clues are covered all her tattooed body. With the help of her husband (maybe former), Kurt Weller (Stapleton), and the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group, Jane has to figure what these mysterious tattoos mean before a major disaster occurs.

[If you’re not caught up, watch the previous episodes on the NBC app or catch up with our recent recaps! SPOILERS AHEAD!!] Here are 5 reasons why we’re excited to watch the ninth episode from the third season of Blindspot:

5) It’s Getting Hot In Here!

When the ninth episode, entitled Hot Burning Flames, airs January 12th, 2018 Friday at 8pm, the main members of the team are trying to work things out after some personal strife. Let’s be honest, it took just about everybody, including Rich (Ennis Esmer), to take down FBI Director Eleanor Hirst (Mary Stuart Masterson). The team must find a way to work together  and track down the missing nuclear warheads.

4) The Must-See Clip!!
In the suspenseful clip, Tasha (Audrey Esparza), Patterson (Ashley Johnson), and Edgar Reade (Rob Brown) are investigating a major crime that took place in a secret government facility. This facility is so underground that the trio has to figure out where the crime actually took place. Watch how the trio racks their brains together and puts the clues in place.  

3) Where’s Jane & Kurt?

The scene also reveals Reade has been looking for Jane (Alexander) and Kurt (Stapleton) but they are nowhere to be found. In the mid-season finale, City Folks Under Wraps, Kurt confessed to Jane that her daughter is dead and it’s all his fault! I want to know what happened after the confession!

2) Their Best Work Ever

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner/creator Martin Gero revealed how Jane will take Kurt’s heartbreaking news, “The first act after the teaser, we really deep dive, it’s really emotional. It’s some of the best work that Jaimie and Sully have done all year. You’ll get to know everything.”

1) How Does This Scene Rank?

From baby news to the best action scenes, we picked out the most shocking moments from the first eight episodes from the third season of Blindspot! Where does this scene rank? Let us know!

Blindspot returns January 12th, 2018 Friday at 8pm.

– By Jorge Solis

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