‘Blindspot’ Season 4 Recap: Episode 6 “Ca-Ca-Candidate for Cri-Cri-Crime”

Blindspot Season 4 Episode 6, NBC

(Courtesy of Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Bros)

NBC continues the action-packed Season 4 drama of Blindspot, Episode 6: Ca-Ca-Candidate for Cri-Cri-Crime, starring Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton. After the shocking events of Season 3, will Kurt Weller (Stapleton) solve the mystery tattoos before its too late for Jane Doe (Alexander)?

While Remi is working on he simulation, Reade (Rob Brown) finds himself being interrogated by the CIA about Zapata’s whereabouts. A maid stumbles upon a murder scene and her boss lying on the floor dead. He writes on the floor, in his own blood, “GPA.”

After investigating the crime scenes, Kurt realizes the murder connects to FI director Matthew Weitz (Aaron Abrams). GPA is a political organization that has been paying off Congressmen and Senators. Weitz says he has nothing to do with them but no one in the team believes him.

Weitz stumbles upon the team just when they figured out his involvement. Weitz reveals he has been taking money from GPA, but he has been trying to bring the group down. GPA has been sending out assassins, killing all his sources.

Blindspot Season 4 Episode 6, NBC
BLINDSPOT — “Ca-ca-Candidate for Cri-cri-Crime” Episode 406 — Pictured: (l-r) Ashley Johnson as Patterson, Ennis Esmer as Rich Dotcom — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Bros)

Meanwhile, Zapata blackmails an innocent man, mentioning how easy it was to get close to his wife. The innocent man has all the info she needs. Zapata promises to return if he doesn’t squeal on the pictures he took of secret documents.  

Elsewhere, Reade and Weitz find themselves getting shot at. Weitz has a talk with his mentor, realizing that he has been lied to the entire time. Read saves Weitz’s life before his mentor gets a chance to kill him.  

Weitz pretends to fire Reade in front of the CIA director. This was all a ruse so that Reade and Weitz can get a head start. They have to get to Zapata before the CIA gets to her and kills her.   

Later, Madeline Burke (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and. Zapata are closer to their target point. Madeline wants to accomplish something Hank Crawford could never do. She doesn’t realize that the FBI and CIA are now gunning for her.

After putting the tracker on Jane, Kurt ends up getting shot at inside the abandoned warehouse. The assassin calls Remi and tells her that they’re been burned. Jane is almost out the door when Kurt enters.

Blindspot Season 4 Episode 6, NBC
BLINDSPOT — “Ca-ca-Candidate for Cri-cri-Crime” Episode 406 — Pictured: (l-r) Rob Brown as Edgar Reade, Aaron Abrams as Matthew Weitz — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Bros)

Pulling out a gun, Kurt now wants answers from the woman he thinks is since wife.

Blindspot returns on NBC Friday, November 30th at 8pm

By Jorge Solis

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