Blindspot Season 4 Return, NBC

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With the official premiere date announced, NBC teases a major character’s “return”during Season 4 of Blindspot, starring Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton. After the shocking events of Season 3, will Jane Doe (Alexander) and Kurt Weller (Stapleton) be able to work together to solve the mystery tattoos?

As we previously mentioned, Jane Doe (Alexander) found herself mysteriously covered with bioluminescent tattoos. Jane’s only clues are covered all her tattooed body. With the help of her husband, Kurt Weller (Stapleton), and the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group, Jane has to figure what these mysterious tattoos mean before a major disaster occurs.

[SPOILERS AHEAD!!] Here are 5 reasons we’re excited for Blindspot Season 4:

5) Behind The Scenes!

Having a nice time on episode 402. #Blindspot is back Friday October 12th on @nbc!

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Showrunner/creator Martin Gero teases the behind-the-scenes process from the second episode of the fourth season. On his official Instagram page, Gero writes “Having a nice time on episode 402”

4) Who’s Back!?!

In the scene, Patterson (Ashley Johnson) and Richdotcom (Ennis Esmer) are in the middle of their case when an unexpected guest shows up at FBI Headquarters. It looks like Josh Dean making an appearance as Boston on the NBC drama.

3) What Happened Before!

The last time he showed up on Blindspot, Boston (Dean) was in a relationship with a scheming trade dealer. Boston’s lover was selling heavy artillery, such as missiles, to a terrorist group. And wouldn’t you know it, the relationship was doomed right from the start!

2) What Does It Mean!?!

Does Boston want to get back with Rich? Are Boston and Rich planning on stealing something together? Or is their relationship really over? What does their reunion have to do with the case?

1) That Cliffhanger!?!

Looks like someone’s back. ? #Blindspot ?: @martingero

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During the action-packed third season finale, Jane was rushed to the hospital after her tearful confrontation with Roman (Luke Mitchell). Unfortunately, when she woke up in the hospital bed, it wasn’t Jane but her alter ego, Remi. With her memories gone, Remi thinks her mission is still to infiltrate the FBI and destroy Kurt Weller and his team! What’s going to happen?!?

Season 4 of Blindspot will return to NBC on Friday, October 12th,2018 at 8pm.

By Jorge Solis