The Mandalorian, Disney+

Disney+ continues the critically acclaimed series, The Mandalorian, with Episode 2: Chapter 2, starring Pedro Pascal and Nick Nolte. From the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior has emerged in the Star Wars Universe. 

After accomplishing his mission, The Mandalorian has retrieved the package, something that could be a baby Yoda. Now the Mandalorian has to take The Child back to The Client (Werner Herzog). Unfortunately, leaving the planet has become a problem.

The Jawas have stripped his ship from its parts. At first, the Mandalorian attempts to hitch a ride on their giant tank. Using his rifle, the Mandalorian disintegrates a few of the Jawas before they escape in their tank.

The Mandalorian

Chasing after the tank, the Mandalorian finally reaches the moving vehicle and holds onto the side. Climbing his way to the top, the Mandalorian gets electrified by a gang of Jawas. The Mandalorian falls to the ground and lies there unconscious.  

The Child waits the Mandalorian to wake up. During the night, the Mandalorian attempts to fix the broken devices on his wrist. Just when the Child is about to heal his bleeding wound, the Mandalorian picks him up and places the baby inside its flying crib.     

Making his way back to Kuill (Nick Notle), the Mandalorian needs his help to track down the Jawas. Demanding a trade, the Jawas mocks the Mandalorian as he speaks their language. After calling him a stupid Wookie, the Mandalorian blasts his flamethrower at them. 

While Kuill cools things down, the Jawas mention they want the Egg. The Egg happens to be hidden deep inside a cave, protected by a ravenous beast. If the Mandolorian brings the Jawas their Egg, they will give him back his ship’s parts.

Meanwhile, the Mandalorian takes a beating from the beast. The Child then summons the Force to lift up the beast, saving the Mandalorian. Amazed at what the Child can do, the Mandalorian then stabs the beast, killing the creature. 

After the Jawas get their egg, Kuill and the Mandalorian work on repairing the ship. While the Child sleeps, the Mandalorian offers Kuill a job on his ship. Kuill though just wants to live in retirement.

The Mandalorian

With the Mandalorian back in his ship, Kuill rests easy knowing there is peace on his planet again.  

The Mandalorian continues on Disney +.

By Jorge Solis