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Disney+ presents the highly anticipated premiere of The Mandalorian, with Episode 1: Chapter 1, starring Pedro Pascal and Nick Nolte. From the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior has emerged in the Star Wars Universe. 

At a seedy bar, Mythrol (Horatio Sanz) is about to beaten up by a gang of thieves. The tense mood changes when the Mandalorian shows up unannounced. The Mandalorian starts a bar fight before picking up his bounty.

While traveling across the ice, Mythrol promises credit if the Mandolarian lets him go. The two are in a race against time as the ice creature grabs hold of their ship. After the Mandalorian electrocutes the ice creature, he sticks Mythrol inside his freezer.  

The Mandalorian

At another bar, the Mandalorian meets with Greef (Carl Weathers) for his next bounty. Real money is hard to make since the Empire has fallen. Without a bounty puck, the Mandalorian has to take on an assignment that’s on the hush-hush. 

The Client (Wener Herzog) is protected by weary Storm Troopers, who all have itchy trigger fingers. Promising real wealth, the Client explains to the Mandalorian that target can be brought in dead. Dr. Pershing (Omid Abtahi) though wants the target brought in alive. Haunted by his childhood memories, The Mandalorian realizes his assignment is much deadlier than he thought.

After being rescued by Kuill (Nick Notle), the Mandalorian has to learn how to use one of the space animals like a horse. The giant tadpole is the only way he can travel across the desert. Kuill takes the Mandalorian where he needs to be before finally leaving the hot zone.

At his destination, the Mandalorian finds the hot zone guarded by men with blasters. Just when he scouts the area, IG-11 (Taika Waititi) storms in shooting with two blasters. Spinning in a full circle, IG-11 blasts away about half the guards before the flying big gun is brought in.

IG-11 doesn’t want to get compromised, promising to self-destruct himself. Unable to unlock the main gate, the Mandalorian decides to steal the flying big gun. After making the big leap, the Mandalorian takes hold of the big gun and blasts away nonstop, until practically everyone is dead. 

After the main gate is taken down, the Mandalorian and IG-11 promise to split the profit. IG-11 wants more, demanding the credit if anybody asks. Following his orders, IG-11 has to make sure the target is neutralized.

The Mandalorian

Realizing what everyone has been protecting, the Mandalorian shoots IG-11 in the head, saving baby Yoda. 

The Mandalorian continues on Disney +.

By Jorge Solis

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