Watchmen, HBO

HBO continues the critically acclaimed Watchmen, with Episode 8: A God Walks Into Abar, starring Regina King and Jeremy Irons. Based on the DC comics masterpiece by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, find out what happens in the alternate future where police officers band together against an impending apocalypse. 

After bashing Cal (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) with the hammer, Angela wakes up Doctor Manhattan. In the past, Dr. Manhattan walks into a bar sensing Angela’s loneliness. After getting two drinks, he says they will have a dinner together the next night.

Dr. Manhattan reveals they will have a romance that will last 10 years and end tragically. Angela doesn’t believe him at first; he covers his face with a mask and doesn’t glow. He knows when they will have their first major fight.


Their breakup will force him to revisit an old friend, Ozymandias (Irons). Adrian has made a device, something that will cause Dr. Manhattan to lose his powers and his memories. He will be in the body that Angela recognizes but he won’t remember who he was.

In return, Ozymandias asks to visit utopia over in Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. Unfortunately, heaven has turn into hell. After being worshipped, Adrian just wants to leave and return home.

Just before the Cavalry arrives, Dr. Manhattan sends the kids to the grandfather. Angela screwed up the timeline, telling Will Reeves (Louis Gossett Jr.) about Judd Crawford and Cyclops. She’s the reason all this is happening.

Even though they will not win, Angela fights back, shooting down the 7th Cavalry. Dr. Manhattan blows up their heads, saving Angela from incoming bullets. Victory is bittersweet as Dr. Manhattan is shot in the back by a quantum canon.


Back on Europa, Ozymandias is planning his escape from heaven.

Watchmen continues on HBO for one more Sunday.

By Jorge Solis