Watchmen, HBO

HBO continues the critically acclaimed Watchmen, with Episode 7: This Extraordinary Being, starring Regina King and Jeremy Irons. Based on the DC comics masterpiece by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, find out what happens in the alternate future where police officers band together against an impending apocalypse. 

After taking in her grandfather’s Nostalgia pills, Angela (King) has been in Lady Trieu (Hong Chau)’s rehab facility. Angela remembers how her parents died in an explosion from a suicide  bomber. This is how she ended up in an orphanage in Vietnam. 

Meanwhile, Laurie Blake (Jean Smart) discovers Looking Glass’s home has been raided by the 7th Cavalry. All the members of the 7th Cavalry are lying dead on the floor. Only one of them is missing their Rorschach mask.  


Laurie then reveals to Judd’s wife what she has uncovered. Will Reeves (Louis Gossett Jr.). was the original Hooded Justice and  he was investigating a racist cult named Cyclops. Laurie believes the Cyclops changed their name to the 7th Cavalry.  

Judd’s wife then confesses that she knew all along. All of a sudden, Laurie falls through a trap door. Judd’s wife then makes a call to Senator Joe Keene (James Wolk), asking him what she should do next.  

On another planet, Adrian Veidt (Irons) goes through his trail for a year. Refusing to defend himself, Adrian farts in front of the jury. The Game Warden (Tom Mison) has no choice but declare Ozymandia guilty of mass genocide.  

Angela then remembers how the police apprehended the man who murdered her parents. The police officer then hands over her badge to Angela. This moment inspires Angela to become a cop in the future. 

Locked in the 7th Cavalry’s hideout, Laurie gets a visit from Senator Joe Keene. Order has to be restored because as Keene explains it; it’s difficult to be a white man in America. They’re going to steal the power of Doctor Manhattan and use it for their themselves. 

In a flashback, young Angela remembers meeting her grandmother. She didn’t know Angela existed until she was notified of her son’s death. She was about to head back to the states when her grandmother suddenly has a heart attack.   

In her attempt to save the world, Lady Trieu (Hong Chau) reveals the 7th Cavalry are trying to kidnap Doctor Manhattan. The white supremacist want to use Doctor Manhattan as their weapon. Lady Trieu mentions Doctor Manhattan has been living in Tulsa, pretending to be human. 


After bashing Cal (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) with the hammer, Angela wakes up Doctor Manhattan. 

Watchmen continues Sundays on HBO at 9pm.

By Jorge Solis