Jessica Biel Sinner, USA Network, The Sinner

(Courtesy of USA Network)

USA Network brings audiences the highly anticipated premiere of The Sinner, starring Jessica Biel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and Bill Pullman (Malice). In the limited series event, get ready for a gripping thriller that doesn’t ask the “who” or the “what” — but the “why.”

As we previously mentioned, The Sinner follows a young mother, Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel), who is overcome by an inexplicable fit of rage. She commits a startling act of violence, but she has no idea why.The investigator, Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman), finds himself obsessed with uncovering the woman’s buried motive. Together they take a harrowing journey into the depths of Cora’s psyche and the violent secrets hidden in her past.

Here are 5 reasons we’re excited to see The Sinner:

5. An Incredible Lead!

The 35 year old beauty grew up in font of audiences at an early age in 7th Heaven. She then moved on to movie roles, becoming an action star in Blade: Trinity. Due to the lack of roles for women, Biel started creating content of her own as producer, with The Book of Love and The Tall Man, and now her upcoming psychological thriller, The Sinner.

4. A Former President

Raise your hand if you recited former president Thomas J. Whitmore (Pullman)’s speech on Independence Day? (See what I did there!)  Now we see the Lost Highway actor as a beaten-down and world-weary investigator. I’m very excited to see Biel and Pullman on-screen together!

3. A Festival Hit

The Sinner became a critic’s darling during at the Tribeca film festival in New York City. Bringing in early word of mouth, the engaging pilot will not only excite viewers, expect interest to develop over the book as well. We’re very interested in the differences and setting from the German novel by Petra Hammesfahr.

2. Christine

Before directing the pilot, Antonio Campos directed Christine, starring Rebecca Hall. In the flick, news reporter Christine Chubbuck (Hall) points a gun to herself, while live on television, as she struggles with depression and professional frustrations. Let’s see if Campos can bring that flick’s intensity to the television screen!

1. 8 Must-See Episodes!

Much like Dig, The Sinner  is an eight-part series that follows a single arc. The mystery will begin in the pilot and answers will be revealed by the eighth episode. What shocking secret will the audiences discover by the final frame?

The Sinner premieres on USA Network August 2, 2017.

– By Jorge Solis