Comic Books 2019, Best Comic Books 2018, Top 10

At Villain Media, our very own Managing Editor, Jorge Solis, picks out the Top 10 Comic Books that have made their indelible stamp in 2019. Readers are absolutely welcomed to pick out these comics from this year end list.

Reading, whether meant to be taken as escapism or self-expression, has the power to change people, which is why the 45th president is incredibly frightened by it. Artwork contains a collective memory that serves as a reflection of issues and commentary. Though these are sad and strange times, nightmares do come to an end. As the 45th administration enrages forward, I believe true masterworks of literacy will prevail over the deafening noise of ignorant disinformation. 

Here are my picks for the Top 10 Comic Books of 2019:

10) Bone Parish (BOOM! Studios)

Creative Team: Cullen Bunn, Ed Dukeshire, Jonas Scharf, Alex Gumaraes 

Horror and crime are captured so rivetingly as the war on drugs examines its effects on the lives of the kingpins, the cooks, the dealers, and the police. The thought-provoking material really dives into the factions of supply and demand, cost and value. 

9) Dead End Kids (Source Point Press)

Creative Team: Frank Gogol, Nenad Cviticanin, Sean Rinehart, 

With its commentary on social class, readers will feel for Ben, Murphy, Tank, and Amanda as they struggle to escape from their broken homes. The meta-dialogue captures the traumatizing effect of childhood through a compelling murder mystery. 

8) Road of Bones (IDW Publishing)

Creative Team: Rich Douek, Justin Birch, Alex Cormack

This is a harrowing survival thriller that captures human nature at its worst and depicts the unforgiving nature of winter. Readers will feel the cold from the pages as the snow never seems to end.

7) Army Of Darkness/Bubba Ho-Tep (Dynamite Entertainment/IDW Publishing)

Creative Team: Scott Duvall, Vincenzo Federici, Taylor Esposito, Michele Monte

I’m a real sucker for crossovers. Horror movies are rarely able to pull off crossovers, due to rights and different studios. There’s just something incredibly fun about Elvis Presley and Ash fighting each other before teaming up to battle against the Deadites. 

6) Tremor Dose (ComiXology Originals)

Creative Team: Michael Conrad, Noah Bailey

A surreal coming-of-age tale, Ginn journeys through her own dreamscape to finally say things that were left unsaid. The artwork expresses itself so weirdly and intensely, that the nightmarish imagery will shock and awe readers. 

5) Psi-Lords (Valiant Entertainment)

Creative Team: Fred Van Lente, Dave Sharpe, Renato Guedes, 

This is one helluva intergalactic adventure that cleverly combines space opera, prison break, and superhero action.The Valiant Universe is building its own cosmic mythology and it’s an amazing place to visit. 

4) Going To The Chapel (Action Lab)

Creative Team: David Pepose, Ariana Maher, Gavin Guidry, Liz Kramer, 

This is a bullet-ridden romantic crime drama that cleverly mixes action and comedy. With Tarantino-esque dialogue, a wedding turns into a heist gone horribly wrong and ends up becoming a hostage situation.  

3) Doll Island (Source Point Press)

Creative Team: Mira Mortal, D.N.S

Imagine having fun with the typical slasher movie setup, with a dash of sexual overtones. Then adding the raw intensity of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and creating an original killing machine much like the modern cult classic, Hatchet, did. Put all these ingredients together and you get Doll Island!

2) The Plot (Vault Comics)

Creative Team: Tim Daniel, Michael Moreci, Joshua Hixon, Jordan Boyd, Jim Campbell

The breathtaking illustrations capture so much suspense and chills, especially during the silent panels. The heartfelt story captures a grieving family struggling to remain together after a tragic loss. 

1) Pound for Pound (TKO Studios)

Creative Team: Natalie Chaidez, Serge Lapointe, Andy Belanger, Daniela Miwa

Dani Libra is an incredibly memorable female protagonist, who is strong, flawed, and hard-edged. The gritty and raw fight scenes are carried off through Dani’s emotional performance.

By Jorge Solis