Kurt Sutter, Sisters of Sorrow #2

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A compelling cast imagined by the creator of Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter continues his gripping thriller about injustice and revenge in Sisters of Sorrow #2 (BOOM! Studios). With a gritty narrative and phenomenal artwork, the second issue is a great nail-biting followup.

As we previously mentioned, Sisters of Sorrow follows Dominique, Greta, Misha, and Sarah as they run a nonprofit women’s shelter by day. At night, they each don a nun’s habit and stealthily move through Los Angeles hunting down violent abusers. Their public vigilantism has earned them the nickname Sisters of Sorrow from the crime-ridden streets. These vigilante crime-fighters soon draw the ire of L.A.’s notorious anti-crime task force.

Here are 5 reasons why you should pick up Sisters of Sorrow #2:

5) Kurt Sutter’s Best Work Ever!

If you loved Sons of Anarchy, The Bastard Executioner, and Southpaw, then readers should definitely get their hands on Sisters of Sorrow. There are echoes of previous themes, such as family bonds and redemption, in the complex crime thriller. Sutter adds a layer of Shakespearean tragedy as the acts of vengeance start to bear consequences on the characters.

4) A Great Followup!

Sutter and co-writer Courtney Alameda (Pitch Dark) move the plot forward at a fast pace. Now that Dominique has gotten her revenge, the other sisters are making their own list of bad men to punish. Now they have decided the next three men to target. The LAPD though are mounting a counteroffensive.

3) The Character Designs!

Artist Hyeonjin Kim illustrates the gun-toting sisters in their costumes. Kim does have each member wear their traditional and religious habit. I also like this little extra detail, that their faces are covered by glowing crosses.

2) The Standout!

The first issue focused on Misha, who served as the moral conscience to the group. Now we get into the brains of the group. Greta is the savvy tech geek, who comes up with the facial recognition-blocking glasses.

1) A Must-Read Second Issue!

A hard-boiled second issue, Sisters of Sorrow #2 showcases the squad of the anti-heroines on their next mission. This crime thriller features the most interesting female characters you will ever read!



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Sisters of Sorrow #2 is out in stores August 23, 2017.

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