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A bone-chilling read, Lazaretto #4 (BOOM Studios) will undoubtedly freak out readers as they get an unflinching glimpse at body horror. A wickedly imaginative blend of zombie movies and Lord of the Flies, this coming-of-age tale takes a very scary turn for the worst.

As we previously mentioned, a pandemic suddenly strikes at a dorm complex. The small American college is quickly quarantined with all of the male and female students trapped within. The sickness starts to take a greater toll on the trapped students. Charles and Tamara attempt to break out of the quarantine.

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Lazaretto #4:

5) The Clever Title Explains It All!

As we previously mentioned, Lazaretto is defined as a quarantine station for maritime travelers. In the comic, the travelers stand-in as a metaphor for the college dorm residents moving away from home. Lazarets are ships permanently kept at anchor, referring to the quarantined college campus.

4) The Hallucinations!

Writer Clay McLeod Chapman keeps the narrative focused on Tamara and Charles as the two are on the run. The virus is about to reach its peak, hitting phase three. Tamara and Charles will face their darkest fears as the hallucinations take over.

3) The Scariest Page Ever!

In an homage to Will Eisner, Chapman and artist Jay Levang have an twisted story to tell in a splash page. Told from Charles’ perspective, the hallucinations distort his sexual fantasies, his religious beliefs, and his fear of death. All this, while Charles is peeling his skin off, like in the Hellraiser movies!

2) The Artwork!

Artist Jay Levang’s sketchy style captures a surreal nightmare between reality and unreality. Levang distorts facial expressions, emphasizing the brutal nature of the virus. Skin starts to slag off the body and the sockets are empty, with no eyeballs.

1) Unsettling Horror!

Lazaretto #4 lets loose on the body horror imagery with such unbridled vividness. If you know somebody that’s a horror fan, Lazaretto is the perfect Christmas gift to give them.



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Lazaretto #4 is out in stores on December 20th, 2017.

– By Jorge Solis

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