Barbara Palvin Glamour Spain, January 2018

(Courtesy of Glamour Spain)

Radiant as ever in beauty and confidence, model Barbara Palvin takes over the gorgeous cover of the January 2018 issue of Glamour Spain magazine. Not only does the Hungarian model exude self-confidence and sexiness, she highlights the magic with a unicorn for the magazine.

After reigning as “Rookie of the Year” in 2016 for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, Palvin continued to make a name for herself on the runways and in advertising campaigns. Because she is a goddess, Palvin appeared in Hercules as the mythological queen Antimache. So how can we not be excited to see her on the amazing Glamour Spain cover!?!

Here are 5 reasons we love Barbara Palvin in Glamour Spain:

5) Welcome To A Magical World!

Influenced by the artwork of Sergio Mora, Editor Alicia Parro describes the magic that the Sports Illustrated model brings to the issue, “Magic is based on surprise and amazement, the trick is to surprise oneself because it is the first step to surprise others.”

4) Gotta Love The Creative Feed!

Use the hashtag #GlamourEnero to rave about Palvin’s stunning cover! I totally agree with what stylist Mapi Vidal says on her Instagram, “If I were you, I’d go and buy @glamourspain tomorrow. Among many other cool things you will find this story featuring @realbarbarapalvin and Lord Misú. “

3) New Ideas For 2018!

With the New Year coming up, Parro adds, “The best days of New Year are those in which I woke up early and I have been reunited with nature”

Writer’s Note: We are translating from Spanish to English.  It’s a beautiful quote and I’m hope it’s not lost in translation.

2) She’s Barbara Palvin That’s Why!

The Sports Swimsuits supermodel killed it on the twelfth day in the recent Advent Calendar for Love Magazine. Maxim‘s former cover model does a jaw-dropping pole dance in the sexy music video. “The concepts are always very creative,” as Palvin describes the colorful wardrobe, lighting, and music. “You never now what they will surprise you with.”

1) There’s Also Videos!!

The January issue of Glamour Spain, with Barbara Palvin on the cover, is available here.  

– By Jorge Solis

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