5 Reasons We Love Lorde’s ‘Perfect Places’ From ‘Melodrama’ Album!

Lorde, Perfect Places, Tonight Show

(Courtesy of @lorde)

Before her imminent new album, Melodrama, arrives in stores, Lorde has released her new single, “Perfect Places.” With a throbbing drum machine and a R&B sensibility, the latest song is actually more confessional than her other previous hits.

As we previously mentioned, the Grammy-winning singer burst onto the music scene at the tender age of 16. While Pure Heroine was topping the charts and changing the mainstream, the brunette beauty took a  lengthy hiatus before heading back into the studio. The title of her second album, Melodrama, is a cheeky nod to Greek melodrama and her abiding love of theater.

Check out our 5 thoughts on Lorde’s “Perfect Places” here:

5. The Last Song

With “Green Light” kicking things off, “Perfect Places” happens to be the final track on Lorde’s upcoming sophomore album. Is this is her way of ending an album, count me in!  Even though there are about 11 songs in the album, I still want to hear more of the pop singer’s glowing voice and I’m begging for a surprise bonus track!

4. A Personalized Stamp

The Green Light singer reveals to Rolling Stone the meaning behind each track, “Everything written about on the album, give or take a couple of lines, all took place in New Zealand, is about me and my friends.”

3. Her Favorite Song?

On her official Instagram account, the New Zealand native writes about the third official release, “one of my favourites from melodrama… this is PERFECT PLACES. i hope you like it.”

2. Check Out The Lyrics!

When does the music video come out already?!? Am I the only one who wants to see her dance?!?

1. There’s A Story Behind the Song!

According to Genius, Melodrama tells the story of a single house party. The lyrics are inspired by a Christmas party she and a friend DJ’ed. The song is an homage to fallen heroes and a remembrance of David Bowie and Prince’s deaths.

Lorde’s latest album, Melodrama, arrives in stores on June 16th.

– By Jorge Solis