‘Green Light’: 5 Ways Lorde Rocks ‘Rolling Stone’ Cover!

Lorde's Rolling Stone Cover

(Courtesy of Peggy Sirota/Rolling Stone)

Before Lorde’s Melodrama arrives in stores, the “Green Light” singer stuns with grace on the Rolling Stone cover. Posing for the cover for the second time, the pop savior dishes on the creation of her forthcoming sophomore album.

According to Rolling Stone, the Grammy-winning singer burst onto the music scene at the tender age of 16. While Pure Heroine changed the mainstream, the brunette beauty had to take a hiatus before heading back into the studio. The title of her second album, Melodrama, is a cheeky nod to Greek melodrama and her abiding love of theater,

Here are 5 takeaways from Lorde’s Rolling Stone interview:

5. What’s Her Second Album like?

Producer Jack Antonoff explains the differences between the two albums. “Her first album was all about being this kid,” says Antonoff. “When your entire life changes, and you’ve built your career on being honest with your perspective, how do you continue to [find ways to relate]? It’s near impossible.”

4. What’s A Perfect Day Like?

The 20-year-old singer describes what a perfect day is like for her, “It’s summer and everyone’s off work, and we drive to the beach and then everyone comes back to my backyard, and we’ll all be sitting around on the grass and listening to something and someone’s made whiskey sours and the day turns into evening, it just sort of evolves, and all of a sudden it’s two in the morning and everyone’s dancing. That’s a nice day for me.”

3. Check Out The Other Photo!

2. She’s On The Cover Of Elle Too!

As we previously mentioned, the New Zealand native is dressed in a sparkling blue jumpsuit on the cover of Elle Magazine.The cover story by Lizzy Goodman examines how the pop star hopes her sophomore effort will finally put all one-album-wonder haters to rest.

1. There’s A Behind-The-Scenes Video Too!

Melodrama is scheduled for release on June 16 2017.

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