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An entertaining mix of teen drama and superhero action, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #18 (BOOM! Studios) sure knows how to grab the reader’s attention. So many interesting elements are brought into fold as the Power Rangers take on an unexpected but familiar foe.

The dust has finally settled from Rita’s global takeover. In the aftermath, the government has started an secret investigation into the Power Rangers. Knowing the government is coming after them, the Power Powers fear their operation that will strike them right to the very core.

Here are 5 reasons why you should pick up Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #18:

5) Teens With Attitude!

The original Power Rangers are finally depicted as “teens with attitude!” You can tell Jason holds the weight of the world on his strangers as he struggles to be the team leader. Zack comes across more as Jason’s right-hand man.

4) The Scariest Villain We Never Knew!

Higgins has a different and intriguing take on the monster craftsman Finster, who was usually seen as the clumsy and goofy sidekick. With Rita gone, Finster has no one to restrain him and his darkest ambitions come to light. Now Dr. Frankenstein has become obsessed with his own creation.

3) Zombies

Artists Hendry Prasetya and Daniel Bayliss illustrate the Putty Patrollers more like zombies. With their screaming faces, the Putty Patrollers act more like the fast-moving zombies you would see in Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later. The narrative makes great use of its one setting, which takes place during a single night.

2) The Colors! The Colors!

Colorists Matt Herms and Joana Lafuente have done a terrific job with their sleek palette and shading. The Power Rangers look and feel like they’re in an old-school James Whale movie. Their bright costumes are toned down to match with the dark setting.

1) Squat & Boo!

Writer Ryan Ferrier and artist Bachan deliver a hilarious misadventure tale starring Squat and Boo! You get two stories in one issue!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #18 is in stores now.



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– By Jorge Solis

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