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With such a fun story and engaging illustrations, readers will love the twisted landscape of robots, car chases, and gunfighters in Monstrous: Mad Dash (Source Point Press). With Monstrous, there’s such a fondness for horror literature that takes the quirky premise to another level.

Monstrous returns with this very exciting one-shot, Mad Dash. In this all-new adventure, Doctor Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll take a daring trip into the wastelands. They will try everything to rescue Jekyll’s daughter, but who will try to stand in their way? Are they powerful enough to withstand the horror of Mr. Hyde?

Here are 5 reasons why you should pick up Monstrous: Mad Dash:

5) Makes A Montrous Fan Outta You!

Monstrous Mad Dash, Source Point Press
Monstrous: Mad Dash (Source Point Press)

Mad Dash is unbelievable perfect as a standalone installment, where new readers can jump right in. After reading this issue of Monstrous, you’ll definitely want pick up the other installments in the series. Mad Dash will definitely turn you into a Monstrous fan!

4) A Clever Premise!

Writer Greg Wright is definitely having fun playing around with his clever concept. Wright uses the public domain characters from classic horror literature and puts a creative twist on them. Dr. Frankenstein is now a brooding anti-hero who loves to shoot first and ask questions later!  

3) The Artwork!

Artist Ken Lamug captures the kinetic mayhem in his tribute to Mad Max: Fury Road. His wide shots capture the vast desert landscape, where trouble can come out at any point. Lamug captures the action with such intensity in his crooked angles and extreme close-ups.

2) Mad Max!

Not only does the artwork refer to Fury Road, there are tons of nods to the Mad Max franchise. I love how the opening starts out as a western shootout starring Dr. Frankenstein. So if you’re a Mad Max fan, you’ll definitely dig Mad Dash!

1) A Fun Read!

Monstrous: Mad Dash has found a clever way to blend together the literature, steampunk, and horror genres. New readers will definitely become true Monstrous followers once they get their hands on this one-shot!



Three emojis out of four

Monstrous: Mad Dash is out in stores now. Readers can pick up a copy here:

– By Jorge Solis

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