Pearson Episode 1, USA Network

USA Network airs the highly anticipated season premiere of Pearson, starring Gina Torres and Morgan Specter, with Episode 1: The Alderman. After leaving her New York firm behind, former lawyer Jessica Pearson (Torres) jumps into the Chicago world of politics.  

A van is heading towards Jessica as she stands in the middle of the street. Was this all a setup she wonders? This is what happened eight weeks ago. 

Jessica’s cousin, Angela (Chantel Riley), is furious that she is working for the mayor. The Mayor is planning on shutting down a school that the inner-city kids needs. Angela doesn’t want to reunite with someone who is all talk.

PEARSON — “The Alderman” Episode 101 — Pictured: Chantel Riley as Angela Cook — (Photo by: Eddy Chen/USA Network)

Just before her first day on the job, Jeff (D.B. Woodside) argues with Jessica about working for Mayor Bobby Golec (Specter). Because Jeff needs some space, he decides to take on a case for his former law form. Jessica accuses Jeff of leaving her and not having her back.  

Nick (Simon Kassianides) warns his half-brother, Bobby, that Jessica is going to ruin things for them. Even Pat McGann (Wayne Duvall) knows this and agrees with Nick, but the Mayor will not listen. The Mayor believes this was necessary to make Jessica stop digging dirt. 

Keri isn’t too fond of Jessica woking at Chicago’s city hall. As the city attorney, Keri is responsible for stripping Jessica of her law license. Their ongoing feud started because Jessica wanted to take down a few dirty cops; one of them may have been her father.  

While having dinner with the bus company’s representative, Keri is surprised to see Jessica interrupting their conversation. Jessica was just there to hand over the lawsuit. Keri is serious with the Mayor because he gave her the okay to do this and not tell her.  

Jessica has found a to save the school and cover the Mayor’s assignment. The Alderman will leave her position and work with the bus service; which allows Pearson to drop her lawsuit. Keri is too fond of being made fun of courtroom, but recognizes this was Jessica’s way of payback.  

While getting drunk and feeling sorry for herself, Keri ends up sleeping with the Mayor. After visiting her family member, Jessica finds a vase of flowers waiting for her at the apartment. Jeff left behind a box containing a government file and incriminating photos. 

PEARSON — “The Alderman” Episode 101 — Pictured: Morgan Spector as Bobby Novak — (Photo by: Scott Everett White/USA Network)

The crime scene photos point to the Mayor’s brother as a possible murder suspect.   

Pearson continues Wednesdays 10pm on USA Network. 

By Jorge Solis