Purge Episode 2, USA Network

(Courtesy of Patti Perret/USA Network)

The horror genre is reinvented once more as USA Network continues the thrilling Blumhouse horror franchise, The Purge, with Episode 2: Take What’s Yours. Purge Night continues as all crime in America is legal for a period of 12 hours in this dystopian future.

Part 1

Miguel (Gabriel Chavarria) continues to look for his missing sisters in the crime-ridden streets. While on his search, he discovers paramedics helping and treating the wounded. On the night of The Purge, ambulance drivers are not meant to be touched.

On his way to the blue bus, Miguel finds himself taken hostage. He must run through The Gauntlet or die on live TV. The Gauntlet is filled with killers, traps, and flying arrows as Miguel runs straight to the finish line. He gets a new cadillac to drive after surviving through the whole ordeal.

Elsewhere, Miguel’s sister is on the blue bus. One of the cult members doesn’t feel like giving up on Purge Night and sacrificing herself.  The others, including Miguel’s sister, watch as she screams a horrible death. Good Leader Tavis (Fiona Dourif) realizes her cult is actually losing the faith.

Purge Episode 2, USA Network
THE PURGE — “Take What’s Yours” Episode 102 — Pictured: (l-r) Amanda Warren as Jane, Billy Baldwin as Don Ryker — (Photo by: Patti Perret/USA Network)

Part 2

In the flashbacks, we learn Jane (Amanda Warren) has been working for a sleazy boss. Don Ryker (William Baldwin) is only interested in sleeping with her but Jane refuses his advances. Because she stands up to sexual harassment at the workplace, Don pass her over for promotion even as he hands her more assignments.

Before The Purge, Jane meets the online female assassin at the park. They cannot make any money transaction and she cannot kill for Jane until the night of. Did Jane hire someone to kill Don for her?

In the present, Jane leaves her laptop open by accident. Jane’s co-worker sees what’s on screen and is incredibly frightened. The co-worker attempts to get on Jane’s good graces while she watches the female assassin commit her kills through her cell.

Part 3

While the rich watch Miguel fight for his life on the TV screen, Rick (Colin Woodell) and Jenna (Hannah Emily Anderson) have their screen encounters with Lila (Lili Simmons). Their threesome together makes things awkward but the couple needs money from Lila’s father.

Lila claims she’s different now and has been sober for awhile. Though things have changed, Lila and Jenna share another intimate moment together by the indoor pool; never realizing someone is watching them.  

Purge Episode 2, USA Network
THE PURGE — “What Is America?” Episode 101 — Pictured: Lili Simmons as Lila — (Photo by: Patti Perret/USA Network)

The Purge continues on USA Network Tuesdays at 10pm.

By Jorge Solis