Marilyn’s Monsters, Humanoids

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A gripping psychological thriller, Marilyn’s Monsters (Humanoids) captures a surreal and hallucinatory take on the tragic life of Norma Jean Baker. Readers will never forget Norma Jean Baker as she transforms herself into the phenomenon known as Marilyn Monroe.

The famous Hollywood Hills is strange, twisted forest filled with freaks and broken-down trailers. In this dark world, movie stars are born in the shadows. Determined to become the greatest one of all, shy Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe) comes to this ghost-town with hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, she’ll have to face all kinds of monsters to reach her ultimate goal.

5) A Twisted Biodrama!

Interestingly, writer/artist Tommy Redolfi mixes the facts about Marilyn Monroe’s past with surrealism. Readers may know about Monroe’s previous marriages but they’ve never felt the scars of her divorces like this. Even if you don’t know anything about her movies, it’s still a dark and seedy tale about Hollywood.

4) The Writing!

Right from the first page, Redolfi captures the sadness and loneliness of Norma Jean Baker. Her dreams of Hollywood are tainted by sleazy producers and casting couches. How far is she willing to go before she finally sacrifices her very own soul?

3) The Artwork!

I love who different the characterizations between Norma Jean Baker and Marilyn Monroe. Norma’s face has a bigger forehead and her smile seems smile. When Marilyn Monroe smiles, readers will instantly tell its fake; like she’s hiding something. Redolfi is able to pull off this little detail very well.

2) The Colors!

A few panels standout because the layout is drenched in green tones. The green lighting brings out Norma’s dreary mood as she delivers her deep monologue. Notice how there is a white glow around Marilyn’s blondish hairstyle.

1) A Surreal Read!

The struggles of the legendary icon are quote profound and weird in Marilyn’s Monsters. This harrowing portrait of Marilyn Monroe has such a dreamlike quality to its vivid palette.



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Marilyn’s Monsters arrives in stores on September 18th, 2018.

By Jorge Solis