Twin Peaks, Episode 12

(Courtesy of Showtime)

Showtime continues Twin Peaks: The Return with the mysterious and suspenseful Episode 12 entitled, Let’s Rock. In the twelfth episode, original stars, Kyle MacLachlan and Mädchen Amick, reunite along with new faces in the continuation of David Lynch’s mystery/crime drama.

After the murder of William Hastings (Matthew Illard), FBI agent Albert Rosenfeld (Miguel Ferrer) and Deputy Director Gordon Cole (Lynch) explain the significance of the Blue Rose to agent Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell). The Blue Rose was a secret government project founded by Albert, Cooper, and Chester Desmond (Chris Isaac) to investigate UFOs. With Albert being the last remaining member, Tammy is brought into the team.   

Even though Albert sees her as a traitor, Diane (Laura Dern) has been deputized. She continues to receive messages from Evil Dale (MacLachlan), who has been asking about Las Vegas. Diane responds with a text to Evil Dale, they don’t know anything.

Knowing something bad is coming, Albert is not having any fun. Knowing the stakes are high, Albert refuses to put up with Cole’s affair with a random hooker.

Sheriff Frank Truman (Robert Forster) tells Benjamin Horne (Richard Beymer) that his grandson is wanted for attempted murder. With his grandson on the run, Benjamin Horne reveals Richard, Audrey’s son, never had a father growing up. Benjamin Horne promises to pay for the hospital bills after tried to kill the only eyewitness.

Benjamin has a gift he wants Frank to give to Harry; Cooper’s hotel keys. Making amends for past sins, Benjamin is a different person now. Beverly Paige (Ashley Judd) enters the room after the sheriff leaves. Reminiscing about the past, Benjamin wants to make things right.

Deputy Chief Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill (Michael Horse) pays a visit to Laura Palmer’s mother. Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) was ranting in the supermarket, warning about the bad things to come. She refuses to let Hawk inside her home as he grows increasingly suspicious of her.

While Gary ‘Hutch’ Hutchens (Tim Roth) and Chantal (Jennifer Jason Leigh) assassinate the warden, Dale is enjoying the family life and plays ball with Dougie’s son.

Married to a husband she hates, Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) needs to find her missing son before the police do. Unfortunately, the husband refuses to share information with her after making an important phone call. Audrey though thinks she will find her son at the The Double R Diner.

Remembering an important clue from the crime scene, Diane discovers the location’s coordinates and realizes she’s heading to Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks: The Return continues Sundays at 9pm on Showtime.

– By Jorge Solis