Creepshow Episode 4, Shudder

Shudder continues the popular horror anthology known as Creepshow with Episode 4, starring Logan Allen and Tricia Helfer. Based on the horror franchise by George A. Romero and Stephen King, audiences are in for a double douse with “The Companion” and “Lydia Layne’s Better Half.”

Revealing to his best friend, Harold (Allen) admits to having a pretty bad day. Billy (Voltaire Council), Harold’s brother, gets a kick out of abusing and hurting him. It’s been so bad for Harold that he even had to run away from home. 

Elsewhere in the city. Lydia (Helfer) has passed up her lover, Celia (Danielle Lyn), for promotion. While Tom gets the promotion, Celia accuses Lydia of being jealous and threatened by a younger version of herself. After Celia continues her accusations, Lydia snaps and slaps her across the face.


All of a sudden, Harold is being chased across the fields by his psychotic brother. After stumbling across a scarecrow, Harold pulls out a cane from its chest. As Billy threatens to kill his brother, Harold ends up at an abandoned farm.  

Meanwhile, Lydia and Celia end up a shoving match. After falling backwards, Celia hits her head against a glass tables snapping her neck. Lydia discovers her glass award spiked through Celia’s head, killing her instantly. 

While falling through the floorboards, Harold finds the old letter from the owner of the farmhouse. Because of his loneliness, the farmer created a scarecrow for a companion, but he never knew the thing would be born evil. After witnessing the scarecrow murder an innocent child, the farmer drove his cane into the evil thing’s chest.  

After Lydia sneaks Celia’s dead body into the elevator, an earthquake suddenly strikes. Haunted by her lover’s voice, Lydia struggles to climb out of the elevator. Lydia ends up falling back down and hitting her head, knocking herself unconscious. 

Realizing he was holding the farmer’s suicide note in his hands, Harold runs from the monstrous scarecrow. Just when the scarecrow is about to strike, Harold reaches for the farmer’s cane. The scarecrow is automatically frightened of the cane in Harold’s hand.   

As the elevator sinks deeper into the shaft, Lydia descends into madness. Refusing to give up, Lydia opens the elevator door and struggles to climb out of the small space. After popping out the glass award from her head, Celia’s dead body grabs Lydia and holds her until the elevator chops off her head.    

Upon returning home, Harold sews Billy’s body into his bed. Using the cane, Harold points at his brother, telling the scarecrow to feed on him.   


As the elevator doors open, Celia has a smile on her face as she holds Lydia’s decapitated head in her bloody hands.

Creepshow continues every Thursday on Shudder.

By Jorge Solis