Creepshow Episode 1, Shudder

Shudder presents the highly anticipated premiere of Creepshow with Episode 1, starring Tobin Bell, Adrienne Barbeau, and Cailey Fleming. Based on the horror anthology franchise by George A. Romero and Stephen King, audiences are in for a double treat with “Gray Matter” and “The House of the Head.”

While a small town has been evacuated from a hurricane, Doc (Giancarlo Esposito) and Chief (Bell) banter around from boredom. Rushing into the store, Timmy (Christopher Nathan) is too scared to go back home. Thinking something bad has happened to his father, Doc and Chief promise to check up on him.

Away from the hurricane and small town, Evie loves the dollhouse in her bedroom. Inside the dollhouse, and the figurine family living there, there is a zombie head that shouldn’t be there. She starts to think her dollhouse is haunted.

Dixie (Barbeau) listens to Timmy as he recounts how his father, Richie (Jesse C. Boyd), turned to drinking after becoming a widower. Having lost his wife, Richie drowned himself in alcohol and became something physically horrible. Doc and Chief check around the vandalized house and discover the bones of dead animals.


Elsewhere, Marsha (Rachel Hendrix) buys another toy to add to Evie’s collection. Evie thinks a toy police officer with a prop gun will protect the frightened family. Unfortunately, the police officer ends up decapitated after searching for the zombie head in the attic. 

Richie started eating animals but they weren’t enough. Bursting into tears, Timmy explains he didn’t send Doc and Chief to check on his father. He sent them in as food for his hungry father. 

Meanwhile, Evie tells the toy store owner she needs something spiritual. The Native American statue, from “Old Chief Wooden Head,” returns to protect the family from the zombie head. Unfortunately, the Native American loses his hand and head after a gruesome encounter.   

After witnessing what Richie has become, Chief aims his gun and starts blasting away. Doc runs straight out the door after the monstrous Richie swallows the Chief whole. The monstrous Richie starts to split itself apart and multiply after being feed.  

While her folks are sleeping, Evie checks on her dollhouse and finds the every figurine with the heads chopped off. Evie screams when she sees the little boy wearing the zombie head. After ripping the zombie head off, the horrible thing starts to grow twice as big.  

Timmy and Dixie gather what’s left in the store, but it’s not enough. Doc gets the shotgun ready when the roof starts crumbling. Everyone screams as the monstrous Richie grabs Doc with his tentacles. 


While Evie manages to to cheat death, the next owner of the dollhouse might not be so lucky.

Creepshow continues every Thursday on Shudder.

By Jorge Solis