Creepshow Episode 5, Shudder

Shudder continues the popular horror anthology known as Creepshow with Episode 5, starring Bruce Davison and David Arquette. Based on the horror franchise by George A. Romero and Stephen King, audiences are in for a double douse with “Night of the Paw” and “Times is Tough in Musky Holler.”

Chased by the police, Angela (Hannah Barefoot) speeds her car into a ditch. From the car crash, Angela has broken fingers and stomach wound that won’t stop bleeding. She manages to stumble upon the funeral home run by Avery Whitlock (Davison). 

Elsewhere in Musky Holler, Mayor Lester M. Barclay (Dane Rhodes) is being held in a cel with other prisoners. Lester and the others are being charged with crimes they did to their neighbors. They now have to suffer the consequences at The Arena. 


During the night, Avery patches up Angela by cutting off her fingers and stitching up her wound. After waking up, Angelia is walking around in her underwear and has her pun pointed at Avery. Demonstrating the money’s paw, Avery reveals fate brought them together.   

Meanwhile, one of the prisoners, Sheriff Deke (Arquette) picks a fight with a guard. The guard blames Sheriff Deke for the murder of his father. The guard watches as Deke is tied to his chair and lifted up by chains.  

Avery explains how the paw is magic and a curse. Avery’s wife, Marjorie (Susannah Devereux), wished for wealth and died after the paw closed its finger. Avery ended up wealthy but also alone at his elderly age.   

Outside of Musky Holler, the undead have taken over the town. Lester realized this was the perfect opportunity to get revenge against anyone who opposed him. Payback for his corruption, Lester is going to suffer for his crimes at the Arena. 

Wishing his wife back, Avery went to the cemetery to dig her undead corpse. The undead Marjorie bites him in the leg. Using his shovel, Avery hacks his wife to limbs before making his final wish.   

At the Arena, the undead feed on the heads of the prisoners in a race. In front of a cheering audience, Deke is eaten alive by the former Sheriff he brutally murdered. Caught on camera, Lester screams as the Undead Mayor comes after him.     

In charge of her own destiny, Angela throws the paw into the fireplace. She didn’t expect Avery to dive into the fire and burn himself alive. After shooting Avery, Angela discovers the paw is still intact.  


Seduced by the paw’s dark magic, Angela brings back her husband from the dead. Angelia screams as she is eaten alive by her undead husband 

Creepshow continues for one more Thursday on Shudder.

By Jorge Solis