Suits Season 8 Episode 1, USA Network

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USA Network has aired Season 8 premiere of the popular lawyer drama, Suits, starring Gabriel Macht and Katherine Heigl, with Episode 1: Right-Hand Man. Now that Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) has left the firm, is lawyer Harvey Specter (Macht) ready to get back and take on new court cases?

After saving the firm, Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) makes a bet with Harvey and Louis (Rick Hoffman). Harvey and Robert make a wager over who will be Managing Partner.  To help him out on his bet, Robert asks for Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl), who’s doing her own boxing routine.

Now joining the firm, Katrina Bennet (Amanda Schull) wants a higher position at the firm but has to do something everyone else hates. She has to fire the low ranking associates, but one of the names strikes a chord with Louis. Litt won’t let Katrina fire Brian (Jake Epstein); so she has to find a way to work around that.

While Harvey sends in Alex (Dule Hill) for the wager, Samantha gets to the client first and makes a deal. Harvey and Alex start arguing, never realizing Samantha has beaten them to the punchline. She then makes a fool of the two before power walking out of the room.

Suits Season 8 Episode 1, USA Network
SUITS — “Right-Hand Man” Episode 801 — Pictured: Amanda Schull as Katrina Bennett — (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

As Harvey refuses to lose his wager, Katrina goes against Louis’ orders and attempts to fire Brian. Brian unexpectedly gets help from Donna (Sarah Rafferty). In return for defending him, Donna asks Brian to help Katrina, so that she doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

As he makes matters even worse with Robert, Donna reminds Harvey of why Mike left. Taking Donna’s advice, Harvey ends up handing over the Managing Partner reins to Robert. All that he asks is his office back.

Louis cools down Alex, who wants to get back at Samantha. After tearing up, Katrina and Donna spend time going out for a drink. Robert realizes Harvey followed Donna’s advice and thanks her for it.

Harvey and Samantha has a final confrontation out of their own. They’re both alike in so many ways and Harvey doesn’t even know it. Before saying goodbye, they both flip themselves off, giving each other the middle finger.

Suits Season 8 Episode 1, USA Network
SUITS — “Right-Hand Man” Episode 801 — Pictured: Katherine Heigl as Samantha Wheeler — (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

After making a drink for herself, Samantha demands from Robert that she be made partner at his new firm. She gives him by the end of the year to meet her demand. Or else…

Suits continues Wednesdays at 9pm on USA Network.

By Jorge Solis

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