Superstition Episode 2, Syfy

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Syfy continues with their original supernatural/horror/family drama, Superstition, presenting audiences with Episode 2: The Dredge. Led by the patriarch Isaac (Mario Van Peebles), the Hastings are a tight-knit family who use their arcane weaponry and mystical skills to battle evil.

While Calvin Hastings (Brad James) is with his dead father, Sheriff May (Demetria McKinney), and Tilly (Tatiana Zappardino) work together to save the poisoned Bea (Robbine Lee). The two manage to cast off the evil spell inside Bea.

The first thing Bea does is bring back Isaac from the dead. She reunites Isaac’s decapitated head with the rest of his body. With his body whole,Isaac comes back to life but his cut on his neck is still causing him pain. Though his father is alive, Calvin is worried The Man In Black will be back and asks Tilly to make a special weapon for him.

While protecting the household, Calvin attempts to reconcile with his abandoned daughter, Garvey (Morgana Van Peebles). He ends up getting a scolding from his own daughter. Garvey first with a hacker and asks him to open up her father’s military records.

Mario Van Peebles, Superstition, Syfy
SUPERSTITION — Pictured: (l-r) Brad James as Calvin Hastings, Mario Van Peebles as Isaac Hastings — (Photo by: Mitchell Galin/Xlrator Media/Syfy)

Garvey learns that her father has been in the bloodiest battles in Iraq and Afghanistan, but some of his records have been blacked out. Isaac reveals to his wife that the ring of Solomon is what it is keeping him alive, but something is wrong. The Man in Black attempts to enter the Hastings’ funeral home, but is blocked by their protective force field.

Knowing he cannot penetrate the force field, The Man in Black attacks a random stranger. The corpse ends up in the Hastings’ funeral home and is suddenly resurrected as a zombie. The zombie’s hand starts to come alive and an eye pops out. Through the mystical eye, the Dredge can see inside and starts looking for the ring of Solomon.

Just like in a horror movie, Tilly ends up checking the noise downstairs. A battle ensues in the morgue, as the entire family fights back against the zombie. Speaking through the zombie, the Man in Black introduces himself as The Dredge.

After Isaac’s chest is burned by the zombie, Calvin uses the special knife that he asked Tilly to make. After stabbing the eye, an immense explosion occurs at the cabin, bringing down the Dredge. Though the family has survived, Isaac reveals to his wife that he has sustained injuries.

Outside at the front porch, Isaac gives Calvin one more lesson before handing over the ring of Solomon. Isaac makes the difficult of leaving his home and family. From the window, Bea watches him walk away.

Back at the abandoned cabin, the Dredge has been resurrected and his evil spirit is let loose onto the world.

Superstition continues Fridays at 10pm on Syfy.

– By Jorge Solis

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