Season 2 Episode 11, Titans,

DC Universe continues the critically acclaimed Titans with Season 2, Episode 11: E.L._.O., starring Brenton Thwaites and Teagan Croft. After the first season finale, Dick Grayson (Thawites) hopes to train Raven (Croft) and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) as new members to the new superhero team he’s trying to rebuild.

While Dick Grayson is sick in prison, he starts to have hallucinations about Bruce Wayne (Iain Glen). In his dreams, Bruce tells Grayson that time is running out; Deathstroke has his prisoners. Raven starts to have violent nightmares about Grayson being stabbed to death by Deathstroke.

Back at Cadmus, Mercy Graves (Natalia Gumede) has her team of scientists operate on Beast Boy. They can command Beast Boy’s transformation on command. Beast Boy becomes a killing machine when Mercy orders him to shape-shift into a tiger.


Elsewhere, Donna Troy (Connor Leslie) gets a frantic call from Raven. While Donna heads out  Elko’s Diner, Raven gets her future read. The Tarot Cards say the Hanged Man is coming. Raven will have to make a great sacrifice or suffer a great loss. Raven then heads out to Elko’s Diner.

Elsewhere, Kory (Anna Diop) has a one night stand and reveals she’s stuck on Earth. While feeling flory for herself, Kory gets a message to go to Elko’s diner. Out on the road, Dawn (Minka Kelly) is enjoying the single life out on the road when she gets the same message to go the same location.   

At Elko’s Dinner, the female Titans discover Bruce Wayne set up the mysterious meeting. They need to make a choice to put the team back together, because this is a family by choice. Bruce then shows them the latest news, Grayson is in prison.  

After Bruce leaves, Raven reveals the truth to Donna, Kory, and Dove. In her dreams, Grayson will die at the hands of Deathstroke. Donna believes Gar needs more help; Grayson made the choice to put himself on the cross. 

Jason Todd (Curran Walters) decides to reveal who he really is to Rose (Chelsea Zhang). Taking their relationship further, they share a romantic kiss. After spotting Donna’s text on Jason’s cell,  Rose quickly deletes the message.  

Rose makes a call to her father, Slade Wilson (Esai Morales). That game they’re playing with the Titans is over; she’s gone. Salde then crushes his glass up with his bare hand. 

During his fight with Bruce, Grayson makes a sudden revelation. Deathstroke was talking to someone else in the room. He was speaking in sign language.

After Kory and Raven break into the prison, they discover Dick’s message; “Jericho is alive.”


Titans continues Fridays on DC Universe.

By Jorge Solis