Season 2 Episode 4, Titans

DC Universe continues the critically acclaimed Titans with Season 2, Episode 4: Aqualad, starring Brenton Thwaites and Teagan Croft. After the first season finale, Dick Grayson (Thawites) hopes to train Raven (Croft) and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) as new members to the new superhero team he’s trying to rebuild.

This is a flashback to when the original Titans were together as a team. While Deathstroke (Esai Morales) is tearing up the town, assassinating one target after the other, Jericho (Chella Man) is celebrating with his true love. Deathstroke returns to his base for  another assignment. 

In the past, The Titans are fighting together to save an innocent family from their violent carjackers. With Grayson in his Robin costume, Hawk (Alan Ritchson), Dove (Minka Kelly) Donna Troy (Connor Leslie), and Aqualad (Drew Van Acker) take down the criminals as a team. After a long night, they return to Titans tower to celebrate Garth (Acker)’s birthday.


Meanwhile, Doctor Light attacks the scientist who stole his work. Willing to kill, Doctor Light uses his powers to get to the activator. Though they are attracted to each other and the team knows it, Donna tries to avoid Garth at every turn. At this time, Dove has broken up with Hawk and is now dating Grayson. 

Elsewhere, Donna meets with Jillian and asks to return to Themascariya. Though Garth and Donna are getting closer, she thinks it’s the right thing to do and leave. While investigating the crime scene, Grayson uses his deductive skills to find out Doctor Light’s true identity. 

The Titans discover that Doctor Light needs the activator to harness the power of a nuclear missile. While Doctor Light spends his energy on blasting Aqualad away, the rest of Titans use the distraction to take him down. Doctor Light lies flat on the floor defeated and beaten. 

With her plane arriving at midnight, Donna spends the night with Garth in bed. Grayson is upset that Donna didn’t tell Garth what she was planning to do. Though he shouldn’t, Grayson tells Garth where she’s actually going. 

Garth finally arrives in the nick of time to catch Donna before she gets on the plane. After telling her that he has and always will love her, Garth locks lips with Donna one more time. All of a sudden, Garth takes the bullet that was meant for Donna and hits the ground dead.  

Donna wants to stay with team. Jillian understands but warns her about vengeance. Grayson looks over the footage and discovers the shooter’s identity. 


After Dawn tells him to become Batman, Grayson goes after Deathstroke though his son, Jericho.

Titans continues Fridays on DC universe.

By Jorge Solis