Season 2 Episode 7, Titans

DC Universe continues the critically acclaimed Titans with Season 2, Episode 7: Bruce Wayne, starring Brenton Thwaites and Teagan Croft. After the first season finale, Dick Grayson (Thawites) hopes to train Raven (Croft) and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) as new members to the new superhero team he’s trying to rebuild.

After Deathstroke (Esai Morales) nearly killed Jason Todd (Curran Walters), Grayson starts to hallucinate about Bruce Wayne (Iain Glen). He bails on the Titans and leaves the Tower. In his search for Wintergreen, Grayson ends up at a burlesque club to find his whereabouts. 

Meanwhile, Doctor Eve Watson (Genevieve Angelson) is fired by Luthor’s bodyguard, Mercy Graves (Natalia Gumede. After learning Connor has been shot with Kryptonite bullets, Eve decides to unlock Krypto from his cage. She has to find and save Connor. 

Titans Ep. 207 — “Bruce Wayne” — Photo Credit: Ken Woroner / ©2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Elsewhere, Rose (Chelsea T. Zhang) ends up kissing Jason in his bedroom. She then finds her brother’s vinyl in Jason’s room. Rose realizes Grayson has been lying to her the entire time.

Donna (Connor Leslie) finds the orange bottle Garth gave her. Hawk (Alan Ritchson) struggles to control his addiction after spotting a liquor bottle in her room. Dove (Minka Kelly) deduces someone is playing mean tricks on him after finding a photo of Doctor Light’s victim.   

After telling the naked women to leave, Grayson pulls a gun on Wintergreen. Deathstroke makes a call and tells Grayson where to go. Bruce warns Grayson that Deathstroke is keeping him away from where he’s supposed to be. 

Eve finally arrives at the Tower and tells Starfire that they need the power of the sun to wipe out the poison from Connor’s system. With the help of Raven, Starfire holds onto Connor as she creates a supernova. Eve’s jaw drops after witnessing a miracle.  

At the church, Bruce tells Grayson that he will go away when he tells the hard truth. Grayson then discovers the altar is covered with photos of the Titans, from inside the Tower. Deathstroke has always been listening in on the them, always one step ahead.  

Eve reminds Superboy that the world is better with him in it. She is the closet thing to a mother he will every have. She will be okay as long as she’s far from LexCorp.

Raven picks a fight Jason, accusing him of putting crucifixes on her walls. The other Titans thinks he was playing the mean pranks. By the time Grayson arrives, Jason is already out on the ledge, contemplating suicide. 

Titans Ep. 207 — “Bruce Wayne” — Photo Credit: Ken Woroner / ©2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

After his hallucination of Bruce goes away, Grayson tells Jason that he killed Deathstroke’s son. 

Titans continues Fridays on DC Universe.

By Jorge Solis