Season 2 Episode 6, Titans

DC Universe continues the critically acclaimed Titans with Season 2, Episode 6: Conner, starring Brenton Thwaites and Teagan Croft. After the first season finale, Dick Grayson (Thawites) hopes to train Raven (Croft) and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) as new members to the new superhero team he’s trying to rebuild.

After Deathstroke (Esai Morales) caused the explosion, letting Jason Todd (Curran Walters) fall to his death, Connor (Joshua Orpin) witnesses the entire thing with his X-Ray vision. Connor doesn’t know what to do. 

In the past, Connor had just escaped from Cadmus Laboratories. He attacked the security guards and scientists because they were hurting the dog, Krypto. Now that Connor has escaped from the lab, Lex Luthor wants his property back. 

Titans — Ep. 206 — “Conner” — Photo Credit: Sven Frenzel / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Meanwhile, Doctor Eve Watson (Genevieve Angelson) has just arrived to the crime scene after a heavy night of drinking. Luthor has sent in his bodyguard, Mercy Graves (Natalia Gumede), to bring in Superboy. Eve warns Mercy’s team that Connor has the mind of an innocent two-year old boy and is being guided by his implanted memories. 

Elsewhere, Connor wants to buy the black T-shirt with the Superman logo on it, but he doesn’t have any money. He does help an old woman when she was being robbed and ends up taking her purse. While hiding, he ends up having flashes of being raised at Clark Kent’s farm.   

With nowhere else to go, Connor ends up visiting Lionel Luthor’s house in the Kansas fields. Connor starts feeling Lex’s memories when he was abused by his own father. Just when Lionel demands Connor to leave, Mercy’s team storms in shooting.  

Connor discovers his invulnerability to bullets after saving Lionel’s life. He then uses his super breath to knock down the entire team. Just when Eve is about to escape, Connor aims his heat vision at her tires.  

While Mercy now pursuing after them, Eve reveals that Connor is composed of DNA from Superman and Lex Luthor. She had been trying to create a genetic clone, hoping to learn and teach the subject. After taking Connor to an abandoned Cadmus lab, he discovers 12 previous subjects had been experimented on and died in the process.   

Eve reminds Superboy that he is not a monster; he can be better than her. Part of being human is feeling joy and pain. After stalling for a bit, Mercy decides to use a Kyrptonite bullet against him. 

Titans — Ep. 206 — “Conner” — Photo Credit: Sven Frenzel / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

After saving Jason Todd from death, Connor ends up getting shot by Mercy.

Titans continues Fridays on DC Universe.

By Jorge Solis

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