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A terrifying Hollywood crime story is brought to light as TNT continues I Am The Night with, Episode 5: Aloha, starring Chris Pine and India Eisley. Based on a true story, director Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) takes a trip back to the 1960s past, during the legendary Black Dahlia murder.

The last time we saw them, Jay Singletary (Chis Pine) found himself locked in a room, surrounded by paintings. There may a killer recreating murders from the Corinna Hodel’s collection of painting. All of the clues point back to Fauna Hodel ((India Eisley). 

Elsewhere, Jimmy Lee (Golden Brooks) wants to take Fauna away and return back home. Fauna is about to go back with her when Jay suddenly arrives at her doorstep. Jay thinks he knows where Fauna’s mother is. 

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With little information to go by, Fauna goes with Jay on a road trip. Jay tells Fauna a major lie; George Hodel ran an illegal abortion clinic. Jay believes Fauna is innocent in all this and holds back from telling her the truth. 

In his nightmare, Jay finds himself confronting Sepp (Dylan Smith), the stalker he killed. Then he is haunted by the many men he killed in war. During their road trip, Jay tells Fauna more things about her past and continues with the lies.   

Finally meeting with her mother, Fauna gets a warning from Tamar. George Hodel is a danger man and Tamar had to leave Fauna after the court case. Tamar mentions George Hodel, the man Fauna thought was her grandfather, might actually be her incestuous father.   

After Fauna realizes she has been lied to,Jay meets with Tamar before leaving the village. Tamara decides to give Jay everything she has on Hodel. Jay discovers George made paintings of the women he murdered, connecting him to the Black Dahlia murder.

Arriving at the diner, Jay is about to tell his boss, Peter Sullivan (Leland Orser), what he discovered. Peter snitched on Jay and set him up. Fauna is hiding in the car when she witnesses Jay is being arrested by the police.

While Jay sits in jail,  George Hodel (Jefferson Mays) pays a visit to Jimmy Lee (Golden Brooks). Hodel wants to find out where Fauna is but Jimmy refuses to tell him. She knows what’s coming as she screams out for help.

27475_010 I am the Night Ep 105

George Hodel stabs Jimmy multiple times, leaving her to bleed out on the floor. 

I Am The Night continues Mondays at 9pm on TNT. 

By Jorge Solis