I Am Night Episode 4, TNT

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A terrifying Hollywood crime story is brought to light as TNT continues I Am The Night with, Episode 4: Matador, starring Chris Pine and India Eisley. Based on a true story, director Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) takes a trip back to the 1960s past, during the legendary Black Dahlia murder.

The last time we saw them, Jay Singletary (Chis Pine) finally met with Pat (India Eisley), nearly rescuing her from danger from a stalker named Sepp (Dylan Smith). Her grandfather, George Hodel (Jefferson Mays) may be responsible for a merrier that occurred at a sex Hollywood party of his. Jay believes there may be a connection to the Black Dahlia Murder. 

During the night, Jay gets a call from Corinna Hodel (Connie Nielsen). Corinna says she has information to tell him and hangs up on him abruptly. After having a talk with a old police officer about the Black Dahlia murder,  Jay convinces Peter Sullivan (Leland Orser) to get him an innovation to Corinna Hodel’s art/performance show. 

I Am The Night

Pat discovers Jimmy Lee has been holding her invitation to Corinna Hodel’s art/performance show. Dressed in a fancy outfit, Pat ends up going to Corinna Hodel’s performance show. Pat meets with Corinna during her show. Jay ends up at the same show but doesn’t realize he’s been spotted by Pat. 

Sepp suddenly attacks Pat in the basement. Luckily, Jay arrives to save Pat and kills Sepp with his bare hands. The two pretend to be part of the performance in order to sneak out Sepp’s dead body.   

Knowing he has killed someone, Jay drinks himself into unconsciousness. Pat has to take care of him until the morning. Before Jay gets rid of the body, the two finally talk about George Hodel’s past and want her connection is to him.  

After performing at a club, Jimmy Lee (Golden Brooks) gets a soft applause from the crowd. Lee ends up talking to Pat but she refuses to make peace. Jimmy ends up slapping Pain in front of everyone at the club.  

After investigating Sepp’s place, Jay steals the invitation to Corinna Hodel’s art gallery. At the gallery, Jay actually confronts Corinna about the phone call she made. Corinna pretends to ignore him and calls for security. 

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After avoiding security, Jay finds himself locked in a room, surrounded by paintings. There may a killer recreating murders from the Corinna Hodel’s collection of paintings. 

I Am The Night continues Mondays at 9pm on TNT. 

By Jorge Solis