The Sinner, Sinner Marathon, Episode 4,

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After three knockout episodes, USA Network meets the halfway point with Episode 4 of their gripping crime drama, The Sinner, starring Jessica Biel. In the limited miniseries event, audiences are introduced to a murder mystery that doesn’t ask the “who” or the “what” — but the “why.”

After Cora’s husband, Mason Tannetti (Christopher Abbott) fought drug dealer J.D. (Jacob Pitts) at the bar, detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) interrogates both of them at the precinct. Mason reveals everything he knows about J.D.’s connection to his wife, Cora Tannetti (Biel). Just when Harry and his partner are about to get answers, J.D.’s high-priced lawyer pulls him out of the interrogation.

Continuing on with his theory, Harry asks for help from the psychologist. Unfortunately, if the court hears a single word about hypnosis, the psychologist’s work will be frowned upon by the jury. Even if Cora’s memories are real, she may become too traumatized from the ordeal.

Under hypnosis, Cora starts to remember her past. In the flashbacks, young Cora (Raegan.Millican) has now grown up at the house with her sister, Phoebe (Rileigh McDonald). The two inseparable sisters are now watching porn together and becoming more frank with sex. Though Phoebe already knew, Cora starts to realize that their father has been having an affair with their next-door neighbor. 

Mason then starts to stalk J.D. and his family. He ends up meeting with J.D.’s wife, who starts to have her own suspicions. Realizing Mason isn’t who he says he is, she yells at him and forces him to leave. Mason isn’t so innocent after all as we discover he also had a past affair; he uses people after being done with them.

Under hypnosis again, Cora starts to have flashes of J.D. and a blonde woman, Maddie. In the mix-up of memories, Cora realizes she had a sexual relationship with J.D. Maddie thinks Cora is trying to get rid of her. After a school bus abandons her as a child, Cora sees Maddie in the water, screaming her name.

In the flashback, young Cora pleads with her father not to meet with the next door neighbor but he ignores her. The psychologist stops the session when Cora remembers Maddie being stomped on. Harry wants to continue but the psychologist doesn’t want to.

Cora tries really hard to put together the fragmented memories, but Harry isn’t buying into the clues. Somehow he has to find the water tower that’s in her memory. Cora asks him not to give up on her; he won’t.

During their hiking trip, Harry stops listening to see his wife. He starts marching down the hill after spotting the water tower. Soon the woods are covered with police officers after Harry stumbles upon an abandoned school bus..

Harry discovers skeletal remains and ripped clothing that were buried in the ground.

The Sinner airs Wednesdays at 10pm on USA Network.

– By Jorge Solis

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