Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 8, DC Universe

(Courtesy of DC Universe)

DC Universe continues the highly anticipated third season of Young Justice, with the latest installment of Outsiders, in Episode 8: Triptych, starring the voices of Jesse McCartney and Khary Payton. The superhero team is caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy. 

In the first story, Shazam and The Flash are driving a prisoner tank to their destination when they are attacked. The two heroes were carrying the prisoners, Brick and Shade. Brick manages  to get captured by the heroes but Shade managed to run away. Someone tried very hard to help Shade escape. 

In the second story, Robin, Spoiler, Cassandra Cain aka Orphan, and Arrowette are working together to follow Clay-Face. They believe Clay-Face will lead them to the Mad Hatter’s hideout. At an abandoned warehouse, the Mad Hatter injects Shade with nanites to control him. The Mad Hatter manages to Escape with Shade after the heroes coming crashing in.

In the third story, Nightwing and his team arrive in the middle of Shade’s heist. Tigress discovers Cheshire is working for someone higher, but she won’t reveal who is the new leader of the League of Shadows. Halo manages to take down Shade before he finally escapes, leaving the stolen device behind. 

At the Batcave, Batman reveals his undercover mission to Wonder Woman. They have been working together to bring down Stagg Industries, who are responsible for the meta-trafficking. Against his will, Shade was controlled by the CEO of Stagg Industries to do his bidding. Batman’s team know have the technology to release the metahumans, like Clay-Face, under his control.

Though they captured the CEO of Stagg Industries red-handed, Wonder Woman doesn’t approve of Batman’s tactics. The entire team has been compromised, evidence has been tainted, and justice has been corrupted to serve themselves.

Wonder Woman asks Batman’s team, Are you ready to lie under oath if you have to go to court and testify?

Young Justice: Outsiders continues on DC Universe.

By Jorge Solis