Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 3, Young Justice: Outsiders, DC Universe

(Courtesy of DC Universe)

DC Universe continues the highly anticipated third season of Young Justice, with the latest installment of Outsiders, in Episode 3: Eminent Threat, starring the voices of Greg Cipes, Jesse McCartney, and Khary Payton. The superhero team is caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy. 

Finally making his way into the children’s hospital, Nightwing discovers the building is a front for illegal metahuman trafficking.  After making his way past the guards and wandering underground, Nightwing discovers Superboy trapped in a pod. 

With Brion’s DNA changed, Count Vertigo and Eks realize they are in deep trouble. Dr. Jace lied to them and now she must suffer the consequences. Nightwing manages to free Superboy and Brion from their pods, but now Bedlam manages to come up with a quick diversion. 

After Brion shows up at the ceremony, Bedlam proclaims the heir to the throne is a filthy metahuman, the murderer behind his parent’s death. Unable to control his temper, Brion attacks Bedlam in front of the frightened guests. Elsewhere, the other team members are dealing with the battle against Count Vertigo and Ecks. 

During the battle, Tigress discovers there is more to Halo’s powers. Halo becomes a major player in the defeat of Count Vertigo and Ecks. Not wanting to witness the death of another innocent child Black Lightning manages to bring his powers back and puts down Plasmus.  

As Brion and Bedlam fight, Gregor interrupts the fight and orders his guards to intervene. There will be no more killing as Gregor announces that Bedlam is the real traitor. This also means Brion has been officially denounced by his brother for the throne; he must never come back home.

During the rendezvous, Black Lightning is too late to stop the random death of Plasmus.There will be a reckoning to pay after the truth comes out, Plasmus  was just a child. The death of a innocent child will haunt the shooter.  

With the mission completed, Nightwing is unfortunately asked by one of his tired teammates, “What do we do now?”

Young Justice: Outsiders continues on DC Universe. 

By Jorge Solis