Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 2, DC Universe

(Courtesy of DC Universe)

DC Universe continues the highly anticipated third season of Young Justice, with the latest installment of Outsiders, in Episode 2: Royal We, starring the voices of Jesse McCartney and Khary Payton. The superhero team is caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy. 

With the announcement of Batman and the other members leaving the Justice League, the ambassadors at the  United Nations are starting to major doubts. Lex Luthor even gets involved in the debate against the superheroes. Are they really heroes or just vigilantes?

As Bedlam claims metahumans are responsible of the death of the king and queen of Markhovia, Brio believes he can help. He needs Dr. Jace to wake up his metahuman gene, but she doesn’t know how. Elsewhere, Nightwing and his covert team have already landed on foreign soil.  

At a ceremony, Dr. Jace convinces Ecks that she has another candidate for the metahuman gene. Pretending to be guests, Nightwing and Tigress discovers who the real schemers are, including Bedlam. With an empty spot at the throne to fill, Brion and Gregor argue whether or not they should trust Bedlam. 

Elsewhere, Tigress discovers a group of Bedlam’s henchmen getting rid of witnesses. They have already buried Halo in the cemetery. While being buried, Halo’s metahuman powers revive her back to life. 

After taking down the henchmen, Tigress makes her escape with Halo. The two are having communication problems because of their language barriers. They manage to escape Superboy and Black Lightning break into a children’s hospital.

While investigating the hospital, Black Lightning discovers an underground lab. The hero end up getting captured as Count Vertigo makes his grand appearance. Superboy is unconscious when he is transported into a pod.

Trapped inside a pod, Brion wakes up screaming as he finds himself drowning in black tar.   

Young Justice: Outsiders continues on DC Universe.

By Jorge Solis