Bringing Back Young Justice Episode 3, DC Universe

(Courtesy of DC Universe)

With the critically acclaimed animated show returning for its third season, DC Universe gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look with Episode 3 of Bringing Back Young Justice (With Whitney Moore)! Find out how the voice recording has became integral for Young Justice: Outsiders.

Meet the exceptionally talented voice actors who bring the heroes of YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS to life!

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Here Are 5 Lessons We Learned from Episode 3: “Voice Recording”

5) Great Surprises!

Producer Bruce Vietti describes hearing the voices put together, “There’’s always great surprises coming from our voice actors. Once they grow into a role, they really start to identify with those characters and decide to come up with ideas that we wouldn’t think of.”

4) The Love!

Producer Greg Weismann  mentions how the process comes along in the recordings,  “Our actors start to fall in love with their characters”

3) Forager!

Young Justice

Jason Spisak, the voice actor behind Forager, Wally West, and Kid Flash, describes working with Jamie Thomason, casting and voice director, “You’re riding a roller coaster. Jamie is sitting in the seat next to you.” 

2) Your Inner 12 Year Old!

Zehra Fazal, the voice of Halo, mentions what it’s like to be in the recording studio with  Thomason, “Your 12 year old heart breaking apart with glee. You do a take and he lays it out with little things. He’s so good, so specific with what he wants.” 

1) Hot Tips!

Jamie Thomason, casting and voice director, dishes out advice for newbies, “The larynx communicates everything. If I don’t hear it, it don’t do me any good. In animation, you’re creating a character on the spot. Do this.Tweak that.” 

Bringing Back Young Justice With Whitney Moore continues on DC Universe. 

By Jorge Solis