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Uncork’d Entertainment delivers an enjoyably raw and booming sci-fi thriller, Crossbreed, starring Vivica A.Fox and Daniel Baldwin! Writer/Director Brandon Slagle delivers an action-packed flick that’s a rip-roaring slice of sci-fi excess. 

In the near future, the President of the United States of America hires a team of military veterans to retrieve an alien bio-weapon from a top-secret research facility orbiting the Earth. These highly trained mercenaries must infiltrate the space station and recover the deadly experimental alien cargo located onboard. All is going according to the plan until the cargo escapes.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Crossbreed:

5) Vivica A. Fox!


After taking on Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) and saving the world (Independence Day), actress Vivica A.Fox has the credentials to reign as queen boss of the future as Madam President of the galaxy. Fox has the magnetic prowess and fancy wardrobe to keep her in character. The Crossbreed actress dominates the screen and dialogue as our future leader. 

4) Devanny Pinn!

Actress Devanny Pinn does an amazing job carrying out the physicality of her role as The Crossbreed. Covered in make-up and prosthetics, Pinn beams with personality, thanks to her flexibility and facial expressions. She is able to say and express so much in a silent role. 

4) Stink Fisher!

Actor Stink Fisher (Gotham) exudes toughness and charisma as Adam ‘Boss’ Ryker, the leader of the highly trained mercenaries. Full of machoism and humor, his band of misfits have a group chemistry that feels naturalistic and dynamic.  

3) Brandon Slagle!

After directing horror in The Black Dahlia Haunting and House of Manson , filmmaker Brandon Slagle does a fantastic job with world-building. Slagle has a refreshing take of the sci-fi genre and makes creative use of tough guys, aliens, and spaceships. 

2) That Sci-Fi Look!

It’s the little details that make this sci-fi world stand out. From the prosthetics on the faces to the glowing lights, this future world carries a punch. I definitely cracked up at how the robots are twitching at the strip club, which also happens to be a dive.  

1) Fun Action!


Full of wisecrack remarks and fun action scenes, Crossbreed is definitely an enjoyable romp to watch. With a solid cast, Crossbreed is visually done with flair!

Crossbreed arrives On Demand and Digital HD Feb 5, 2019.

By Jorge Solis