30 Days Night #5, IDW Publishing

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Thirsty horror fans are are absolutely going to love everything about 30 Days of Night #5 (IDW Publishing), which contains so much bloody goodness. Steve Niles and Piotr Kowalski boldly reimagine the critically acclaimed comic book series, which became a blockbuster horror movie franchise.  

As we previously mentioned, the sun has set over an isolated Alaskan township and will not rise again for the next thirty days. A new evil emerges from the shadows to terrorize the town. After a series of strange events and horrific killings, the question becomes, what lurks in the shadows?

Here are 5 reasons why you should get 30 Days of Night #5:

5) What Happened Before…

In the previous issues, Deputy Stella Olemaun was promoted to Sheriff under the worst circumstances. The town has become overrun with vampires, who are on a deadly killing spree. Even though Stella manages to fight back, they still have the upper-hand on her.

4) Not A Remake!

A major change from the original, writer Steve Niles lets Stella fall into despair as she struggles to hold onto a small thread of hope. Now in the fifth installment, I do think Niles is commenting on domestic terrorism. In my opinion, if my interpretation is correct, I feel like that’s why these vampires are more frightening.

3) The Vampires Attack!

I hope I’m not wrong with my interpretation, but if I’m correct, artist Piotr Kowalski’s depiction of the vampire attack is quite interesting. The panels feel straight from real-life news footage, where you see hate groups fighting against protestors. Kowalski aims for the extreme as heads are being chopped off.

2) The Colors!

Notice how colorist Brad Simpson bathes the panel in red shades when the bloodsuckers attack.  Though they’re wearing the same jacket, readers can tell the difference between Stella and Roxy by the color of their hair.

1) A Must Read!

With 30 Days of Night #5, the horror comic series continues to be a stellar read. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!



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30 Days of Night #5 arrives in stores on April 25th, 2018.

By Jorge Solis

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