Beauty Horror Claymation Teaser, IDW Publishing

(Courtesy of @IDWPublishing)

Before Ghosts of Christmas (IDW Publishing) makes its ways into stores, Alan Robert’s best-selling coloring book series, The Beauty of Horror, has released a terrifying Claymation Teaser that you have to see! Check out what the Life of Agony bassist and comic book creator has in store with his special holiday-themed coloring book!

May your days be scary and bright! Ghouliana sinks her fangs into The North Pole, causing all kinds of chaos and havoc on Christmas Eve with this spooktacular holiday-themed coloring book! Each perforated page is easily removable and ready for display under the mistletoe. Ghosts of Christmas is intricately illustrated by best-selling artist Alan Robert and is overflowing with limb-filled stockings, zombified elves, burning gingerbread houses, and decaying reindeer. Even good ol’ St. Nick is terrified to turn the pages!

Here are 5 reasons we love the The Beauty of Horror: Claymation Teaser:

5) Santa!

According to Bloody-Disgusting, creator Alan Robert and animator Trent Shy have teamed up to dismantle the North Pole. Robert’s horrifying characters, including the series’ very own Ghouliana, are unleashed at Santa’s Workshop.

4) A Nightmare Before Christmas!

Robert teases, “Having grown up as a kid on all the old stop-motion, feel-good holiday specials like Rudolph and Frosty, it’s especially fun for me to be able to sic Ghouliana on those guys with chainsaws and witchcraft. It’s like an ultra-violent R-rated version of A Nightmare Before Christmas.”

3) The Teaser!

Shy explains his creative process, “I use different types of clay but most of it is ‘animators’ clay, which is very soft, so the characters need constant upkeep while they’re being manipulated. This is why you don’t see clay being used in stop motion anymore. Most stop motion films these days use latex, silicone, and even 3D printing for characters.”

2) The Claymation!

Robert also mentions, “The amount of time it takes to sculpt each character and the attention to detail required to build the sets…it’s just wild. Claymation is truly an art all in itself. I always knew it was painstaking work, but now I have a newfound respect for it.”

1) Grab Your Crayons Already!

if you liked the teaser, check out our review and makes sure you grab yourself a copy of The Beauty of Horror 3: Haunted Playgrounds!

The Beauty of Horror: Ghosts of Christmas Coloring Book arrives in stores October 2018!

By Jorge Solis