Alan Robert Beauty, Haunted Playgrounds, IDW Publishing

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The perfect gift for horror fans, Alan Robert continues his best-selling coloring book series with The Beauty of Horror 3: Haunted Playgrounds (IDW Publishing)! With his latest installment, the Life of Agony bassist and comic book creator teases readers with black and white illustrations that are tons of bloody fun to saturate!

Explore more of Ghouliana’s monochromatic world just waiting for you to saturate it with red, black, or any color you can imagine (even pastels). You never know what’s lurking behind the next corner, so keep your eyes peeled for all the hidden pieces of the monster Ghouliana is trying to reanimate.

Here are 5 reasons you need to get The Beauty of Horror 3: Haunted Playgrounds:

5) 80 Awesome Pages!

The third installment contains 80 new pages of intricate, hand-drawn designs. Each illustration is presented in a high-quality, deluxe coloring format. With such breathtaking designs, Ghouliana reanimates your imagination with the perfect temptation.

4) The Poetry!

Kicking off with a memorable poem, Robert has a rhyming scheme that is quite catchy and lyrical. Like Dr. Frankenstein, Ghouliana is trying to build her own monster but his pieces are scattered everywhere. Once her monster is put together, they can start playing and keep going forever and ever!

3) The Playground!

Robert plays around with his terrifying imagery, which stem from its amusement park setting. There are twisted versions of carousels, bumper cars, and roller-coasters. The Grim Reaper welcomes you to the horrifying funhouse and the creepy clowns keep you from leaving!

2) The Nightmares You’ll Get!

The detailed images really strike out at you! I was really impressed by the image of Ghouliana eating eyeballs from her popcorn bag. One of my favorite pages takes place in the hall of mirrors, where the zombie boy sees surreal reflections of his undead corse.

1) Grab Your Crayons Already!

The Beauty of Horror coloring book series continues to be amazing as always! With such detailed patterns and jaw-dropping art, The Beauty of Horror 3: Haunted Playgrounds manages to be unique and dynamic with its nightmare-inducing imagery.



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The Beauty of Horror 3: Haunted Playgrounds Coloring Book arrives in stores on June 27th, 2018!

By Jorge Solis