Blossoms 666 #1, Archie Comics

(Courtesy of Archie Horror)

A clever blend of teen drama and black comedy, Blossoms 666 #1 (Archie Comics) explores the similar dynamics between high school horror and hormones. As a huge fan of the Riverdale drama on the CW, kudos if you read Cheryl Blossom’s feisty lines as her live action counterpart, actress Madelaine Petsch. 

Cheryl and Jason Blossom are a pair of seemingly normal kids in Riverdale. They’re wealthy, popular and like able—but they also harbor a deep, dark secret—one of the Blossom Twins is the Anti-Christ. Both want the title, and no one in Riverdale is safe.

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Blossoms 666 #1:

5) The History!

I have been a huge fan of the Archie horror lineup ever since Afterlife with Archie. High School has always been considered by many to be Hell itself. Yeah, it makes sense this new Archie Horror series would dive into the scares like a twisted John Hughes-tale.

4) The Writing!

Writer Cullen Bunn has a real love for Heathers and Mean Girls, especially when Cheryl Blossom shows up on page. The prettiest and most popular girl inc school, Cheryl is scarily  perceptive in her  gleeful nastiness. Letterer Jack Morelli captures the blunt satire of the cliques  and popularity contest. 

3) The Art!

Artist Laura Braga captures the frightening theme of having to fit in, whether it’s family or school. A knockout in ever panel, Cheryl stands out with her alluring wardrobe and luscious hairstyle.  In her illustrations, Cheryl is seductively cynical in her expressions and attitude, especially when she’s trying to be nice to the school dweeb. 

2) The Colors!

Cheryl’s red hair fiercely stands out thanks to colorist Matt Herms. Red tone carries a foreshadowing theme throughout the narrative. Herms has such a vivid palette of grays and blues in the school interiors. 

1) A Satirical Read!

Blossoms 666 #1 blows up the high-school experience with jagged irony! I am rooting for Cheryl Blossom and can’t wait to see if Toni Topaz shows up in the horror comic!

Blossoms 666 #1 arrives in stores on January 23rd, 2019

By Jorge Solis