5 Reasons To Get ‘Gideon Falls’ #1 (Image Comics)!

Gideon Falls #1, Image Comics

(Courtesy of Image Comics)

A hypnotic blend between rural mystery and urban horror, Gideon Falls #1 (Image Comics) is a spellbinding introduction that sizzles with so much suspense and eeriness. The creative team behind Old Man Logan and Green Arrow dive into the themes of mental illness and faith with such dark and intense mediation.

First, we have a reclusive young man obsessed with a conspiracy in the city’s trash. Then we have a washed-up Catholic priest arriving in a small town full of dark secrets. Now their lives will become intertwined around the mysterious legend of The Black Barn. This is an otherworldly building that is alleged to have appeared in both the city and the small town, throughout history, bringing death and madness in its wake.

Here are 5 reasons why you should pick up Gideon Falls #1:

5) The Writing!

Writer Jeff Lemire is always thinking character first with his plot. Father Wilfred and Norton are so well-defined in their personalities. Having grown up in a Catholic community, I may be projecting my own thoughts about the complicated nature of faith. This is why I found Father Wilfred to be more interesting in the complex narrative.

4) The Artwork!

I fell in love with Andrea Sorrentino’s artwork in I, Vampire  which delivered the scares and gore of a bloodsucker thriller.  With his heavy inks, Sorrentino captures the isolated landscape of an abandoned town. The fantastic illustrations visually divides the storylines through creative layouts,

3) The Colors!

To me, colorist Dave Stewart captures a forgotten town that basks in the darkness. Except for splashes of red, there is very little use of primary tones. It feels like the sun never rises at this bleak place; like sunlight doesn’t even exist here.

2) Check Out The Trailer Here!

1) The Best Read Ever!

With such mesmerizing artwork and a terrifying storyline, I expect great things to come from Gideon Falls! Readers are definitely going to be thrilled by the very first issue!


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Gideon Falls #1 arrives in stores on March 7th, 2018.

– By Jorge Solis

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