Holliston, Friendship is Tragic

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A fun and entertaining read, Holliston: Friendship is Tragic (Source Point Press) is a laugh-out-loud adaptation of the cult TV show by horror filmmaker Adam Green. The beloved characters from the fan-favorite TV series are back in their first graphic novel to celebrate Halloween to the fullest.

As we previously mentioned, the Holliston graphic novel is based on the cult TV show by Adam Green, but it’s not just for fans of the show. The basic idea of the standalone is that it’s like The Big Bang Theory, except for horror nerds. The story follows four friends who find a cursed credit card that threatens to destroy them, their friendship, and annihilate the town of Holliston itself.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get Holliston: Friendship is Tragic:

5) The Writing!

Writer Greg Wright is clearly having fun diving into the horror/comedy world created by the Hatchet filmmaker Adam Green. Wright delivers witty one-liners through the eccentric last of characters, which includes Joe, Laura, and Corri. Readers are definitely going to have fun reading these hilarious lines of dialogue!

4) The Artwork!!

Through his pencils and inks, artist Stephen Sharar captures the madcap fun and ups the ante. Each of Sharar’s illustrations are so lively and animated because of his creative panel layouts. In a one-pager, Sharar captures all different kinds of poses and expressions as Corri attempts to sing to her microphone.

3) The Colors!

Joshua Werner has a bright and vivid palette through his use of primary colors. Red immediately pops out to the reader in every single panel, thanks to the skull on Green’s shirt. Having such vivid tones really brings out the comedic humor.

2) The Easter Eggs!

Readers will have fun picking out the easter eggs! There are references to Stephen King books and John Carpenter movies popping up in the background.

1) Such A Fun Read!

A fun love letter to the horror genre, Holliston: Friendship is Tragic basks in the wittiness of its  slapstick and verbal humor. Readers are going to want to know more about the cult TV show after this!



Three out of four emojis

Holliston: Friendship is Tragic arrives on May 9th, 2018.

By Jorge Solis

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