Kevin Sizemore, Work Wife

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In an exclusive interview with Villain Media, actor Kevin Sizemore discusses his role in the romantic office thriller from MarVista, The Work Wife, co-starring Elisabeth Harnois and Cerina Vincent. Sizemore dishes on the consequences when you unexpectedly cross the work spouse!

Things are really looking up for Sean (Sizemore) and Lisa (Elisabeth Harnois)! Especially now that Sean has landed a job at a big advertising firm. But when Sean’s assistant, Jen (Cerina Vincent), his “Work Wife,” begins vying for his affection, it soon becomes clearer than ever! She will stop at nothing to rip Sean’s marriage apart!

With The Work Wife available on iTunes and Amazon, Kevin Sizemore talks about playing the lead role, collaborating with his co-stars, and what’s coming up next for the actor! So let’s dive into our conversation right now!

Kevin Sizemore, Work Wife
The Work Wife, Courtesy of MarVista]

Villain Media: Tell me what interested you the role of Sean. What qualities did you bring up from the screenplay to your performance?

Kevin Sizemore: Sean is a typical guy, who is doing everything he can to provide for his family.  Seeing his inner struggle when he gets a new job was interesting. You don’t often see the roles reversed where the man is treated in a way that unfortunately some women have to battle against at their jobs. I thought that was an interesting twist and would be a fun one to explore!

VM: Interestingly, I have discovered so many articles, from CNN and Cosmopolitan, about “the work spouse.” Like Mad Men, The Work Wife dives into the setting of an advertising agency. Was there research involved in preparing for the role?  

KS: This role was offered to me the same week we started shooting, so the prep for me was pretty much, “How would Sean react in this situation and do it naturally without knowing the outcome.” When you’re shooting out of order, it can sometimes help you and other times, hurt you. In this case, Sean had to be in the moment and figure out this crazy situation as he went along.

VM: What role would you say Michael Feifer played as a director?

KS: Huge. Michael’s style is very open, fun and quick. I appreciate how he does his job and he’s a teacher in every step of the process. He keeps reminding you where you were in your progression of the character and where you’re going, and for an actor to have a director working that way is gold! I had a blast working with Feifer and can’t wait to do another film with him.

VM: Tell me about working with Elisabeth Harnois, who plays Sean’s wife, Lisa.

KS: Elisabeth played my wife so well, as the supportive one who then gets hurt by what “she thinks” has happened. I loved how when the cameras started rolling, you could see in her eyes it was showtime. It was the first time working with her and when the two of us did our scene driving around Hollywood Blvd, we just had a great time together.

VM: Cerina Vincent starts out Jen as a teasing seductress before becoming obsessive. Tell me about reacting to her performance and finding the right tone to match hers.  

KS: We hit it off day one and I had a great time working with her. When Sean is around her, he can’t deny her beauty and how great she treats him. He isn’t going to cheat on his wife, but knows things could be better at home. As time goes on, it’s a constant struggle for Sean to remind himself that what Jen does and says, don’t always add up and he finally realizes that she’s “CRAZY!” When you have an actor that’s all in like Cerina, it really makes my job easy as we just reacted off one another in the moment. Jen and Sean are very new to working with one another at the advertising agency and with Cerina and I just meeting in real life, it was perfect!

Kevin Sizemore, Work Wife
The Work Wife, Courtesy of MarVista

VM: How does working on a feature film like The Work Wife compare to working on a TV show, such as Timeless?

KS: Night and day! The Work Wife was a fast, lean shoot with approximately 10 characters telling a narrative about a situation in someone’s life. Timeless on the other hand has approximately 8 main characters with multiple storylines and the days I worked, we had over 150 extras and supporting actors. It was massive because we’re showcasing a time back in the 1800s. I was fortunate to work alongside Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, and Annie Wersching on this episode that airs May 13th, 2018 at 10pm on NBC.

VM: How did The Work Wife change you as an artist?

KS: It made me live in the moment and not over-analyze situations. When you’re doing a film that has many layers to characters, you can sometimes work too hard and that just messes you up in the long run. Keep it simple and stay in the moment. People will really enjoy The Work Wife. It’s a film done by MarVista and is available to download on iTunes and Amazon now.

Watch the trailer here:

VM: What are you working on now?

KS:I start filming Ticket to Nashville at the end of May. It’s about my son, a young songwriter trying to decide between the girl of his dreams and a career in Nashville.

In July, I’m directing a movie called The 7 about a handful of people who frequent a bar and one night realize that they can’t get out. What they quickly find out is that they’re in purgatory and have a small amount of time to determine their life or death.

A film that I acted in and was able to help produce called Intensive Care will be released in Scandinavia May 23rd.  

VM: How can people stay in touch with you and find out about your projects?

KS: The best place for upcoming projects is

And on social media:




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