5 Reasons We Love ‘Bloody Ballet!’

Kendra Carelli, Bloody Ballet, Kendra Carelli Boody Ballet

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High Octane Pictures delivers a vivid and energetic visual style with Bloody Ballet, starring Kendra Carelli, Caroline Williams, and Debbie Rochon. With such an impressive visual flair, co-writer/director Brett Mullen captures a terrifying psychological exercise in surreal madness.

A beautiful ballerina dancer, Adriana Mena (Kendra Carelli), lands the lead role in the upcoming Nutcracker performance. She’s then forced to face her  own personal demons. Jealousy and tension begin to provoke the supernatural.

Here are 5 reasons why you have to see Bloody Ballet (Fantasma):

5) Kendra Carelli!

Definitely one to watch, actress Kendra Carelli delivers a truly magnetic performance that viewers will be talking about! Expressive with her eyes and emotion, Carelli is simply amazing as the lead protagonist, Adriana Mena. You can tell right away, straight from the beginning. Carelli immersed herself fully into her character, along with Debbie Rochon as Dr. Carlina Cassinelli.

4) A Fantastic Tribute!

Along with co-writer Matt Cloude, Brett Mullen has put together a solid thriller that echoes the  the throwback imagery of a Giallo film. More than just a nostalgic throwback though, Mullen blends in the right ingredients between atmosphere and suspense.

3) Elaina!

Bloody Ballet, Kendra Carelli
Bloody Ballet

Jae Hitch is simply amazing to watch as rival dancer, Elaina Kimper. Hitch is unbelievably natural as she keeps the dialogue flowing with the stylish camerawork. In one of the best horror sequences, Hitch does a spectacular job as she attempts to escape the clutches of a masked killer. I don’t want to say too much, but Hitch steals the show with this extended and suspenseful sequence.

2)  The Horror Icons!

Not only do we get Debbie Rochon, horror fans also get Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre II). I loved seeing Carelli act with Williams,a true delight on-screen, who plays Ms. Valli.

1) A Must See Thriller!

Bloody Ballet, Kendra Carelli
Bloody Ballet

Bloody Ballet really packs a punch thanks to its stylish imagery and amazing performances. Horror fans are really going to love this retro thriller to their favorite Giallo movies.

Bloody Ballet aka Fantasma arrives November 13 on VOD and December 4 on DVD.

By Jorge Solis

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