Gehenna, Death Lives

(Courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment)

A satisfying supernatural fest from Uncork’d Entertainment, Gehenna: Where Death Lives delivers the thrills and scares with such suspenseful precision. In his directorial debut, visual effects artist Hiroshi Katagiri (Pacific Rim) captures the eeriness of its remote setting and the gripping performances of its ensemble cast.

A group of five people are exploring a remote island somewhere in Saipan. They were supposed to be scouting for a new resort location. Without warning, they all become trapped in a hidden World War II bunker.

Here are 5 reasons why we loved Gehenna: Where Death Lives:

5) The Locale!

Interestingly, the supernatural thriller makes great use of its title. Gehenna actually stands for, “a destination of the wicked.” Underneath such beauty, such as the exotic setting and ruins, lies something horrifying. Yohei Tateishi’s cinematography captures the tropical landscape before diving into the grays and shadows of the bunker.

4) The Standout!

Justin Gordon, Simon Phillips, Matthew Edward Hegstrom, and Sean Sprawling deliver gripping performances as an ensemble cast with clashing personalities. Actress Eva Swan stands out from the supporting players because of her on-screen charisma and strong feistiness. Swan delivers the intensity in the scariest scene in the movie.

3) The Horror Favorites!

Gehenna, Death Lives
Gehenna: Where Death Lives

Anybody else a huge fan of Millennium? I loved seeing Lance Henriksen pop up in the horror movie! Layered in impressive makeup and prosthetics, Doug Jones delivers the creepiness in his bone-chilling appearance as The Old Man. Jones’ scene is a major highlight of the film and brings in the scares.

2) Playing At A Theater Near You!

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1) A Terrifying Film!

With such gruesome imagery, Gehenna: Where Death Lives will definitely make your skin crawl. Horror fans will definitely get their bloody kicks out of this one!

Gehenna: Where Death Lives opens in limited theaters and arrives on Video On Demand May 4th, 2018.

By Jorge Solis