5 Reasons To Get ‘The October Faction: Supernatural Dreams’ #4 (IDW Publishing)!

Supernatural Dreams #4, IDW Publishing

(Courtesy of IDW Publishing)

An all-out monster fest, The October Faction: Supernatural Dreams #4 (IDW Publishing) leads the action with its dynamic cast of eccentric characters. Writer Steve Niles and artist Damien Worm deliver the thrills and dark humor in the penultimate issue.

The town of Gristlewood is under attack from the most powerful being. His army grows by the minute, and now he’s allied with one of the October Faction’s oldest foes. Will the Allan family rally be able to save the town? Or will this be the end of the October Faction?

Here are 5 reasons why you should get October Faction: Supernatural Dreams #4:

5) What Happened Before!

Since the first installment of Supernatural Dreams, the Allan family found themselves fighting against The Goat Man. With their father thinking of retiring, Dante and Vivian had to save the monster business on their own. Outmatched and overpowered, the two have to find a way to end Goat Man’s terror!

4) A Dysfunctional Family!

Writer Steve Niles does a great job with the family dynamic, jumping between two storylines. In the first subplot, Dante is rallying his troops together for an all-out battle.In the second subplot, Vivian and her father work together to save their home from the Goat Man. Letterer Shawn Lee heightens the urgency as each story arc intercuts.

3) The Artwork!

In the climatic pages, artist Damien Worm captures the intensity of Vivian’s facial expressions. Yes, she trying to survive her own battle and stay alive. But she also has someone else to protect in battle; her father.

2) The Colors!

I love Worm’s use of the red and purplish tones in the climatic pages. Even though there aren’t any backgrounds, I love how the panel is just a red hue with a black silhouette of the Goat Man.  The palette has a strong impact on the eyes with its minimal use.

1) A Fun Read!

At its core, The October Faction: Supernatural Dreams #4 delivers two fast-paced stories that grab hold of the reader’s attention. I can’t wait to see the conclusion of October Fraction!



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The October Faction: Supernatural Dreams #4 hits stores on June 6th, 2018.

By Jorge Solis